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Date: February 4, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

No matter what age someone is, there is always a healthy weight range they should stick to. Obesity has several issues that can make it hard to live a long and healthy life. Although many seniors are starting the end of life stage, it is still important to focus on health, including being at a healthy weight for their height and age. They may store fat differently and have less muscle mass, but too much fat can be life-threatening.

All seniors need to have communication with their doctors. Some specialists work with older adults to ensure they stay healthy and work through any health problems from aging. Often it takes multiple team members to ensure a senior is healthy for the remainder of their lives. If your parents do not have a home care provider working with them every day, it may be time to consider putting one in place. You can’t always be there, and you’re not a doctor, so it can be hard to know when health is a concern.

At a senior age, their body naturally changes. They may lose muscle mass, resulting in weight loss, or they may lose muscle mass and gain fat from moving around less. When is the best time to lose weight as a senior? The truth is a senior needs to ask a doctor. When the doctor says that their weight is putting them at risk, it is time to focus on healthy weight loss and learning how to maintain it for the rest of their lives. You may not be able to help much around the house, which can make it harder for seniors to achieve this, but people like home care providers may be beneficial for seniors trying to lose weight.

For many seniors, this process begins with establishing an appropriate body weight. Additionally, since body composition varies with age, your target weight and health objectives may fluctuate as you age. That is just one of the reasons it is important to engage closely with your healthcare team if you believe you should reduce weight. You and the seniors will need to understand what a healthy weight is for them.

What Can Happen If a Senior Does Not Focus On Weight

If you are a senior who is overweight, you may believe that the best thing for your health is to lose the additional weight. After all, being overweight or obese increases your chance of developing a variety of health concerns, including the following:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Some kinds of cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoarthritis

However, finding an aged person’s optimal body weight is more challenging than examining weight tables. Therefore, if you’re unsure of how much you should weigh, the first step should be an open discussion with your doctor. That’s because weight-loss objectives for seniors must take into consideration a variety of critical criteria, including general health.

Date: February 4, 2022