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Date: February 2, 2024

Author: Robert Kreek

If your senior parent is having trouble sticking to their New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you can help them get back on track. Losing weight is difficult at any age, but it can be especially difficult for seniors. Exercise is an important part of weight loss. But often seniors can’t do the kind of vigorous exercise that is necessary to burn calories and lose weight. So seniors need to focus on other ways to lose weight.

One of the areas where seniors can make big changes that can help them lose weight is what they are eating. Focusing on a healthy diet can help seniors drop pounds and lower their risk of developing illnesses liked diabetes and heart disease. If you want to help your senior parent keep their resolution to lose weight you can do things like:

Get Senior Home Care

Cooking is one of the activities that can be very difficult for seniors as they get older. Preparing and cooking vegetables can be challenging for seniors who have problems like arthritis. And shopping for healthy food can also be a challenge for seniors who don’t drive or have trouble lifting heavy bags. With senior home care your parent will have someone who can help them cook healthy meals, shop for high quality food, and make sure that your senior parent is safe in the kitchen.

Help With Portion Control

Portion control is essential for anyone wanting to lose weight. Seniors often overeat because they don’t know that they need less calories as they get older. Seniors who are sedentary don’t need to eat as many calories as they did when they were living a more active lifestyle. A good way to help your senior parent with portion control is to put individual servings of meals and snacks into airtight containers. That way your senior parent will always know what the correct portion size is.

Replace Sweets

If your senior parent has a sweet tooth try replacing candy, cookies, and sugary treats with healthier options. Fruit, smoothies, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, nuts, and other healthy foods can satisfy the craving for something sweet without packing on the pounds. Look for foods that are creamy and satisfying but also have protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Get Your Senior Parent Out Of The House

Boredom is often one of the reasons why seniors overeat. Take your senior parent out for a walk, out to a movie, or go shopping. Just get them out of the house and moving. Being away from the temptation to snack and out of the house will improve your senior parent’s mental health and help them lose weight too.

Support Them

Remember that losing weight is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. Support your senior parent on their weight loss journey and encourage them to keep going even if they have bad days or end up eating things they shouldn’t. That extra support can make a big difference to your senior parent.

Date: February 2, 2024