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Date: January 19, 2024

Author: Robert Kreek

February is American Heart Month which means now is a fantastic time for seniors to start taking steps to improve their heart health. Age is one of the biggest risk factors for developing heart disease. So, as seniors get older they need to make sure that they are doing all they can to have a healthy heart.

Making lifestyle changes can be tough. But taking even small steps towards healthier habits can help seniors lower their risk of heart attacks and heart disease. Home care assistance can help seniors do things like cook healthier meals and shop for healthier food. And with home care assistance seniors can get the support they need to make lifestyle changes like exercising more.

According to experts the best habits seniors can have for good heart health are:

Daily Exercise

Seniors don’t have to do strenuous exercise to improve their heart health. But, they should be getting some daily activity most days of the week for good heart health. Exercise is essential for seniors who want to stay healthy. Low-impact cardio exercise like walking and swimming can significantly lower the risk of heart disease.

Eating The Right Foods

A heart-healthy diet is essential for seniors that want to improve their cardiovascular health. Seniors should be eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoiding processed foods, sugars, and starchy carbs can also help seniors lose weight if they are overweight. Maintaining a healthy weight can improve heart health too.

Getting Regular Health Check-ups

Seniors need to get screened for heart disease and other illnesses every year. When seniors see a cardiologist they can check blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and overall cardiovascular function. Early detection of heart disease or heart problems means that seniors can get the medication or other care they need to prevent heart attacks or heart disease.

Drinking Water

Drinking water is a very simple habit for seniors to get into, but more than 70% of seniors are chronically dehydrated. Encourage your senior parent to drink more water or other beverages during the day. Juice should be limited because it can be high in sugar, but water, iced tea, and other drinks can help seniors stay properly hydrated which will help the heart function the way it should.


Chronic stress can negatively impact heart health which means that stress management should be a priority for seniors. Seniors should develop healthy stress management habits like meditation and breathing exercises that can help eliminate stress. Lowering stress levels can also help seniors avoid developing conditions like anxiety and depression.

Go To Bed Early

Getting enough sleep is also important for heart health. Chronic sleep deprivation can increase the risk of heart disease and heart-attacks because it puts so much stress on the heart. If your senior parent has insomnia or other sleep problems they may need a sleep study or medication to help them get better quality sleep.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is terrible for heart health. If your senior parent is a smoker, they probably already know smoking is unhealthy. But they may not know the huge risks associated with smoking in older people. Try to convince your senior parent to quit smoking and talk to their doctor about medication or other treatments that might help them stop smoking.

Date: January 19, 2024