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Date: February 17, 2023

Author: Robert Kreek

Seniors who are aging in place may find that their homes need improvements to satisfy their current needs. One of the most common situations that seniors find themselves in is having to find a use for an outdated kitchen desk nook. These desk nooks were wildly popular in the 90s but fell out of favor quickly as home computers became the norm and people switched to having home offices.

Seniors are living in 90s homes with one of these outdated desk nooks can repurpose them in many ways to make them useful to the way that they live now. Some of the most creative and most useful things seniors can do with an outdated kitchen desk nook are:

Medication Station

Seniors need a place to keep all of their medications organized and this little desk nook can be the perfect medication station. Seniors that have home care can use this as the place where their home care provider organizes the medications, keeps all of the doctor’s information for calling in refills, and makes notes about medications. The drawers and cabinets can hold the actual medications and the desk area can be used by the home care provider to write notes and charts about the medications. Binders full of information about the medications can also be neatly stored in the shelves in the desk nook.

Insurance Information Area And Go Bag Storage

Seniors also need a place to keep all of their insurance information, telephone numbers, and medical information. And they need an out of the way place that is near the front door to keep a go bag that contains all their items that they would need in a medical emergency. A go bag can be safely and securely stowed on the shelves beneath the desk. And insurance and health information can be organized into folders that are kept inside the drawer of the desk nook. That way if your senior parent has a medical emergency their important papers and their go bag are easy accessible for them, their home care provider, or emergency medical staff.

Coffee Bar

If your senior loved one like coffee and tea and they have an electric kettle, a coffee maker, and other machines for making drinks they can put the machines on the desktop plugged into the convenient outlets and the teas and coffee can be stored in the cabinets underneath. Mugs can be hung above the coffee maker and electric kettle or placed on the shelves above where they can be seen and used. Because these desks are often lower than the counters this is the perfect setup for seniors that use walkers or wheelchairs because they will be able to easily reach the machines and supplies so they can make their own coffee or tea.

Date: February 17, 2023