Griswold Care Pairing for Scarsdale & Yonkers Change Location

Date: November 25, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

You want your aging family member to be as safe and as happy as she can be in her home, but that might not be possible with her current situation. At least, not without some help. But is it really time for in-home care services? These clues can help you figure it out.

Driving Is Dangerous for Her

How is your senior’s driving? There might be a lot of different clues that help you to determine whether she’s safe behind the wheel or not. The easiest one to look for is how well the car is faring. If you’re seeing signs that your elderly family member’s car is in worse condition than usual, there might be a reason for that. Talk with her about whether driving is becoming a problem and look for a way to solve the situation, such as having home care providers driving for her.

Self-care Is Getting More Difficult

Another area to consider is your senior’s self-care habits. That means whether she is having more trouble than usual with things like grooming or whether she’s forgetting to eat or take medications. These small difficulties become bigger the longer they’re ignored. Over time, these choices your senior is making can cause her harm. In-home care professionals can help your elderly family member to have support and assistance when she needs it.

Her Home Is Showing Signs of Trouble

Your senior’s home can also help you to understand more about what is happening with her life. Pay attention to clues that let you know how she deals with her home has changed. For instance, if she’s always been rather neat but now her home is far from tidy, there might be a reason. Senior care providers can make quick work of household tasks, which leaves energy and time for your senior to focus on other things.

Your Senior’s Mobility Is Worsening

Often family caregivers don’t realize that it’s been a while since they’ve seen their aging family member do something simple, like walk around her home. If that is something you’re just noticing is true for you, this is an important detail. This can mean that your senior is having a lot more trouble walking and doesn’t want to call attention to that fact. Mobility issues can be dangerous, even leading to a higher fall risk.

Your Senior’s Doctor Mentioned that She Needs Help

Do you know how your senior’s doctor feels about her situation? If you don’t, it might be time to find out. Your senior’s doctor knows her health issues and may be able to recommend specific solutions, like bringing in-home care professionals into the mix for your aging family member. Getting feedback about how her health is affecting her daily life is really important information for you to have.

Every senior’s situation is different. Keep in mind that your aging family member may not share with you all of the details that you need to know in order to help her to have all of the tools that she needs. There might be some digging that you need to do in order to get her the right assistance.

Date: November 25, 2022