Griswold Care Pairing for Scarsdale & Yonkers Change Location

Date: July 8, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

If your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with any form of dementia, you might be very scared. This is a normal response. First of all, it is important to start making plans for the care that your elderly loved one will need. Depending on the stage of their disease, introducing elder care into their care plan can be easy or it can be difficult. Here are a few tips for easing the transition into having elder care at home support your senior with dementia.

The Sooner, the Better

The sooner you introduce senior home care providers to your elderly loved one, the better it should go. This is because as more time goes by, your elderly loved one’s disease is going to progress. This could cause them to become more agitated, irritated, and forgetful. The worse that their symptoms get, the harder it is going to be to bring someone new into their life. Not only that, but the sooner you introduce these elder care providers to your senior loved one, the more they can get to know each other before the disease takes over for good.

Be There for the Introductions

When you are planning to introduce senior home care providers to your elderly loved one how has dementia, you should be there. That way, there is someone who your elderly loved one is familiar with by their side when meeting this new person. If you are there with your elderly loved one, they are more likely to listen and cooperate. If you don’t show up to this meeting, it could be very devastating for your elderly loved one.

Take a Step Back

Even though you should be there for the introduction between your elderly loved one and their senior home care providers, it is still important that you give them some space to get to know the elderly care providers. That way, they can see how they like them and the elder home care providers can get to know your elderly loved one a bit better. If you are constantly standing over your elderly loved one’s shoulder during this meeting, you may tend to answer questions for them or be a little overprotective.


These are some of the best tips for introducing your elderly loved one who has dementia to senior home care providers. If you want more guidance on how to make these introductions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We would be glad to help your elderly loved one get to know their elder care providers. We are also willing to talk to you more about these introductions before they happen, as well.