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Date: July 15, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

Many seniors who have Alzheimer’s are more comfortable aging in their familiar homes. Being surrounded by photos and other items that can stoke memories and make them feel comfortable can be helpful in giving them a better quality of life.

But from a practical standpoint there are unique challenges that seniors who have Alzheimer’s have that need to be addressed for their own health and safety. Family caregivers may be unable to provide the level of care that seniors with Alzheimer’s need in order to safely age at home.
24-hour home care can provide that level of care. When your senior loved one has 24 hour home care they will receive care tailored for the needs of someone with Alzheimer’s. And you won’t have to worry about your senior parent because a 24 hour home care provider can do things like:

Make Sure Your Senior Parent Doesn’t Wander

Having a care provider with your senior loved one around the clock will ensure that your senior parent can’t get out of the house and wander off on their own. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to be able to sleep comfortably knowing that your senior loved one is safe at home and will stay safely at home. It also will protect your senior parent.

Make Sure Your Senior Parent Is Eating And Drinking

Often seniors with Alzheimer’s don’t eat or drink enough because they don’t recognize the cues of hunger and thirst. With 24-hour home care your senior loved one will always have someone in the house with them to suggest that they have a meal or a snack and drink some juice or water. You can be sure that your senior loved ones isn’t going hungry or thirsty. You can ask the caregiver to keep a log of what your senior loved one eats and drinks if you want to keep track of when they eat and drink.

Make Sure Your Senior Parent Doesn’t Fall

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may get out of bed in the middle of the night because they are confused about what time of day it is. Or their body’s internal clock may be not working correctly and telling them it’s really time to get up and not the middle of the night. But whatever the reason is that they get up you don’t want your senior parent who is confused to fall and get hurt in the middle of the night. With 24-hour care at home your senior parent is safe because there will be someone there to make sure they are safe.

Make Sure Your Senior Parent Gets Restful Sleep

Sleep is critically important for everyone, especially for seniors for Alzheimer’s. If your senior loved one has trouble sleeping at night having someone there will them can help them stay calm or relax enough so that they can rest peacefully. Your senior parent may sleep much better when someone is there to watch over them.