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Date: July 1, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

Your mom has high blood pressure and her doctor said she needs to stop eating snacks and meals that are high in sodium. How do you cut sodium from her favorite dishes without making them flavorless? Here are some of the best tips.

Learn to Read Labels

Pay attention to the salt level in foods by reading labels. You might find that your mom’s favorite foods do have options with lower sodium counts, even if it means switching brands. It helps to read nutrition labels and learn how to find the brands with the lowest amount of sodium.

Switch to Salt-Alternatives

There are plenty of salt alternatives on the market. Mrs. Dash is one of the best-known brands. Some salts replace a percentage of sodium with potassium making them salt-like without having the excess sodium. If your mom wants salt on the table, those low-sodium salts are a great option.

Use Fresh Citrus

Instead of salt, use citrus peel and juice. If your mom loves steamed broccoli, sprinkle it with freshly ground black pepper and some lemon juice. Brush her broiled chicken breast with fresh orange juice.

Limes, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges are all readily available. But, don’t overlook others that you might spot seasonally, such as yuzu, Meyer lemons, or pomelos. They can add a lot of flavor without increasing sodium.

Stock Up on Vinegar

Vinegar also adds saltiness without the extra sodium. Keep a variety of vinegars on hand. Red wine, champagne, and balsamic bottles of vinegar are all handy. Also buy apple cider, malt, and white distilled vinegar to have plenty of options.

Grow Plenty of Fresh Herbs

Chop fresh herbs and use them to flavor items. Toss new red potatoes with chopped chives and parsley and toss them with garlic powder. Coat your mom’s salmon in chopped dill and shallots before pan-roasting it.

You can grow herbs year-round in small planter pots or invest in an aqua-garden system like Aerogarden and grow the herbs in a hydroponic system. Herbs are ready to harvest in just over a month, making it an easy way to have fresh herbs quickly and constantly.

Hire Someone to Prepare Meals and Snacks for Your Mom

Would your mom have an easier time eating low-sodium foods if she had someone to help prepare meals? If arthritis pain or difficulty using kitchen tools keeps her from cooking low-sodium meals, hire home care assistance services like meal preparation.

Caregivers can come to her home, talk to her about her favorite foods, and come up with meal plans that meet her needs. They’ll take her shopping for groceries and prepare the meals and snacks she wants to eat.

Make the arrangements for home care assistance today. Pick up the phone, talk to a specialist, and schedule meal preparation and shopping assistance for your mom to ensure she’s eating the right foods.