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Date: July 14, 2023

Author: Robert Kreek

Usually a dentist will do all that she can to make sure your loved one doesn’t have to have a tooth pulled. Healthcare providers prefer to save natural teeth whenever they can. Sometimes conditions require that a tooth get pulled (or be extracted). The reasons are many, but a few include severe decay, a fractured tooth, an impacted tooth, or severe gum disease.

Whatever the reason may be that your loved one needs to have a tooth or two pulled, it’s usually a same-day procedure that will not require any type of hospital stay but will most likely require your loved one to have transportation planned for her trip to and from the clinic. A home care provider can help with getting her to and from the appointment and then the home care provider can also help make her comfortable once she’s home.

Once the procedure is complete, your loved one can expect to recover completely in a couple of days, but until she’s completely recovered, having a home care provider to help her with the aftercare might be one way you make sure she follows all of the recommendations for aftercare.

  1. Avoid strenuous activities for a few days. Too much exertion can cause the heart rate to elevate and increase post-operative bleeding and pain. If your loved one has a chore that needs to be done, ask your home care provider to help with it. If your loved one likes to work out every day, he should take a day or two off from anything too strenuous.
  2. Take the prescribed medication. To keep the pain at bay, it’s important that your loved one takes the prescribed or recommended pain relievers consistently and as directed. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent any infections from beginning. Your home care provider can help with medication management by offering reminders to take the medication on schedule. Waiting too long for pain management medication will only cause your loved one to suffer more during healing.
  3. Keep the extraction area clean. The doctor will probably recommend that your loved one use an antimicrobial mouthwash several times a day to help keep the affected area clean. When brushing and flossing, the spot where the tooth was pulled should be avoided for a few days but make sure your loved one knows he should still care for his other teeth like normal.
  4. There are certain things to avoid for the first few days after having a tooth pulled. If your loved one is a smoker, he should abstain from smoking while his mouth heals. He wants to avoid activity that causes suction in the mouth such as drinking through a straw or sucking on hard candy. Finally, he should avoid any hard/pointy foods such as chips or popcorn that may poke or injure the area.

Taking the precautions right after having a tooth pulled will help your loved one recover quickly without any complications.

Date: July 14, 2023