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Date: March 5, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Pet therapy is something that can help so many people. In truth, it has helped many elderly people in numerous ways. It has helped them be more active, manage their feelings, and so much more. If you feel that your elderly loved one could use some support and more love in their life, pet therapy might be perfect for them. Keep reading here to find out more about how pet therapy could be right for your elderly loved one.

Being More Active

One of the ways that pet therapy can help your elderly loved one is by getting them to be more active. When someone has a cat or a dog in their house, they must take care of that animal. For dogs, they need to play with them and take them for walks. They need to play with cats, as well. If your elderly loved one needs to be more active, having a dog or cat could make that easier for them.

Emotional Support

Does your elderly loved one have a tough time expressing their emotions? If so, a pet could help them out with this. If your elderly loved one feels they can’t just say what is on their mind until they work through it, they can talk to their pet. The pet can just be there and listen. Not having someone talk back can make your elderly loved one more comfortable talking about their emotions. In addition, if your elderly loved one is feeling anxious or depressed, having a pet can help to reduce those feelings.

Research shows that pets can help lower cortisol levels and make people feel better.

Having a Purpose

Pet therapy can help your elderly loved one to feel that they have a purpose. There are many elderly people who feel that they have no purpose. They aren’t working anymore. They aren’t spending too many days outside of their house. Your elderly loved one might even feel that their family doesn’t want to spend as much time with them. Having a pet can give your elderly loved one someone to take care of. While your loved one might still need some help from you and elderly care providers in taking care of their pet, they will likely be doing most of the work. This can make them feel much better about their life and what they do each day.


These are some of the ways that pet therapy can help your elderly loved one. If you feel that your elderly loved one needs emotional support, some more physical activity, or just something to do with their time, pet therapy might be the answer.


Date: March 5, 2021