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Date: January 15, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

There are so many technological advancements in this day and age for everyone. There is even technology specifically designed for senior citizens. From home modifications to social networks to other technological assistance for the elderly, there is something that could benefit your elderly loved one. Learn more here today about how modern technology could help your elderly loved one.

Personal Medical Alert Systems

One of the types of modern technology that could help your elderly loved one is personal medical alert systems. These have been around for awhile. However, they are getting more and more effective and easy-to-use. These alert systems can allow your elderly loved one to let you, their home care providers, the police, or someone else know when they need medical assistance for any reason.

Video Monitoring Systems

If your elderly loved one is worried about being home by themselves, you can always install a video monitoring system in their home (with their permission, of course). These systems can allow people to check in on your loved one. For instance, if they are struggling in the afternoons, you or the home care providers could check on them through the system. With the advanced systems, you could even talk to your loved one through the cameras and they can talk back. This is a great way for them to stay connected with people in case they need something. It is a great way for you to check to see that they are safe, as well.

Other Technological Systems

There is a range of other technological systems that could benefit your elderly loved one, as well. They could using a voice-activating clock, digital medication dispenser, a system that reminds them to eat, a GPS device, or a range of other technology systems. Each one of these can provide its own benefits to your elderly loved one.


Technology has come so far. It is quite amazing how much technology can benefit the elderly and their families. It can help to keep your elderly loved one safe, connected, and more comfortable in their home. It is important to note that technology shouldn’t replace human interaction. Your elderly loved one may still need you and possibly home care providers to spend time with them and check in on them regularly.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to check out many of the modern technology options to see what would benefit your elderly loved one. You can even talk to them to see what they might like to try.


Date: January 15, 2021