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Date: November 27, 2020

Author: Robert Kreek

There are millions of people in the world who have Parkinson’s disease. With this being said, there are many family members who want more information regarding how to provide care for their loved one. The truth is that there isn’t just one way to manage Parkinson’s disease. However, there is a lot of information regarding Parkinson’s disease that might help you, other family caregivers, and elderly care providers.

Independence Must Stay

No matter what stage of Parkinson’s disease your elderly loved one is in, it is important that they are as independent as possible. When your elderly loved one gets the diagnosis, you may think that you need to start taking over with everything. However, that is not the case. It is important that you only help with the things are needed. For instance, if your elderly loved one can still bathe on their own, but they can’t make meals, help with the meals only. You can hire elderly care providers to help with these things, as well.


It is also important that you aren’t overwhelming yourself. Parkinson’s disease is very taxing on the person who has it. However, it is often very frustrating and difficult for that person’s loved ones, too. You need to take time out for yourself. If you put all of your energy into caring for your elderly loved one, you are going to be stressed and may even develop depression. You can have elderly care providers step in for you. They can care for your elderly loved one while you get a break.

Education is Important

There are different stages of Parkinson’s disease. You should become educated on this disease. That doesn’t mean you need to put all your energy into learning more about the disease all the time. However, you should get some resources from your elderly loved one’s doctor. Look into a few resources online and talk to elderly care providers for assistance. Between these options, you can learn more about what your elderly loved one is or will be going through. You can also learn what things you may need to do as their disease progresses.


These are some of the things that you might need to know regarding Parkinson’s disease. Keep in mind that this disease is very taxing. At first, it might seem like your elderly loved one is doing alright. However, when the disease progresses, they will experience more and worsened symptoms. At that point, your elderly loved one will likely need more help from you and elderly care providers.


Date: November 27, 2020