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Date: December 25, 2020

Author: Robert Kreek

Below zero temperatures, freezing rain, snow squalls, and ice storms make getting outside hard during the winter months. You worry that your parents are growing bored. You only have time to stop by on a Saturday afternoon. What are the best ways to keep your parents engaged during the winter?

Get Organized

Work with your parents to start getting all of their home organized. Get them started and they can work on projects on their own when you can’t visit. Start with one closet and branch out to clean and organize entire rooms.

Grow an Indoor Garden

Gardening outside might not be a possibility, but your parents could grow fresh herbs and smaller plants inside. They can grow plants in glass jars set on a windowsill or invest in a small hydroponic system. There are even systems that allow you to grow plants in a top rack of a fish tank where the plants and fish work to keep each other’s environment healthy.

Stock Them With Books

Reading is a good way to enjoy quiet time while getting lost in another world or location. If your parents are open to an e-reader, you can set them up with an e-reader and show them how to find free books on sites like BookBub.

You can also get them a library card at the local library and show them how to borrow digital copies of library books online. They’ll be able to read as much as they want without having to spend money buying books.

Learn How to Bake

If your parents know how to bake, they could spend time making things for themselves and others. If they’re not experienced bakers, it’s a great time to try. Pick up some basics and have them try their hands at making homemade bread and rolls.

Play Games Online

You may not be able to visit, but you can join your parents for an online game. There are online game sites where you can play games together. Jackbox Games has trivia games you can play together. has a variety of card games you can play online as a group. Houseparty is similar only you to play games like Pictionary and Apples to Apples via video chat.

Set Up Companionship Visits

Elder care services provide help in many ways. From housekeeping to meal preparation, elder care aides do a lot to help older adults. Have you thought about companionship visits this winter?

Arrange to have caregivers stop by and engage your parents in an afternoon of games, movie watching, or outings to a local museum. Caregivers can prepare afternoon tea and stick around for a conversation. It’s all part of a companionship care plan. Call to learn more.

Date: December 25, 2020