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Date: October 15, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Personal care at home is one of the best ways to boost your mom’s confidence. Aging at home may seem easy, but there are lots of stressors. Your mom is alone all day. She may worry that if something happens, she won’t be able to alert anyone.

Sure, you can solve some of her fears. A smartwatch or medical alert bracelet with fall detection can help. But, there are still things that may concern her. What if she takes her medications and has a reaction? What if she goes for a walk and gets lost?

You can ease her mind with more technology. Or, you can hire caregivers to spend time with her. The more company she has during the week, the more confidence she gains. Here are the services that help her with her confidence and independence.


If your mom doesn’t feel supported, it can damage her self-esteem and confidence. Instead of leaving her feeling self-conscious that she’s a burden, keeping her from asking for help when she needs it.

You could arrange to have caregivers spend time with your mom when you’re unable. They’ll keep her company, provide the emotional and physical support she needs, and boost her self-esteem.

Plus, their caregivers are there to join them for walks. Your mom may not feel confident in her ability to walk by herself due to issues with balance or vision. With a caregiver’s support, she’ll get outside and walk when she wants.

Help With Housework

As your mom’s strength and mobility change, she may not be able to keep her home as clean as she wants. She hates having people over because she knows her house is cluttered and dirty. She can’t vacuum the stairs anymore or lift the mattress to tuck in sheets.

A caregiver can change the sheets, do the laundry, and make the beds. If your mom has someone coming to stay with her for a visit, she can go shopping to stock up on groceries with her caregiver. The caregiver can help her tidy up, too.

Heighten Her Home’s Safety

Has your mom fallen? A lot of older adults fall and lose confidence. If she has, talk to a home care agency about ways to heighten the safety in her home.

An expert may recommend grab bars in the bathroom or brighter lighting. Clearing floors of slippery rugs and adding a slip-proof mat in her shower could be other options.

How do you arrange personal care at home? Talk to a specialist in home care. You’ll learn more about the services that will help your mom and pricing. Call your local personal care at home expert now.