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Date: January 5, 2024

Author: Robert Kreek

No matter how old you are, you can be a victim of the January blues, but this is especially true for seniors who may have to rely on others to get out of the house. As you age in place, your mobility becomes less, and you rely on in-home care to get around. It can be harder to get vitamins from the sun, and it can be harder to see friends and family, which can lead to the blues during this time of year. Here are some things that a senior can do to battle the winter blues and make it through January a little happier. These are simple steps in-home care that can help your loved one.

Bundle Up and Get Out

Even though it is cold, one of the best ways to get exposure to natural vitamins is to head outside. Even if your loved one is living somewhere cold, they can get help from in-home care to put on several layers of clothes and head outside for a few minutes. Just getting ten minutes outside can truly change how your day goes. This can be a good way to start the day with positive energy, and you get it out of the way if it’s that cold! Often, the winter sun still peaks through the clouds, and it is important to catch those rays safely when possible.

Try To Stay Active

It can be hard to encourage your loved one to move around during the winter, but the truth is when you move your body, you will feel good mentally and physically. In-home care can help drive your loved one to a heated pool or a gym for senior workout classes. This is a good way to get the blood flowing, connect with people, and naturally boost those happy chemicals. It is an often overlooked and underrated way to improve your mood during winter. Stay motivated!

Keep Seeing Friends

Seniors should be seeing people regularly on top of working with in-home care. Socialization is so important, and when seniors stop going to the gym, doing their hobbies, and seeing people, the blues can kick in. They must meet up with people even during the winter because it is healthy for them. You will be positive and happy when you surround yourself with positive and happy people. In-home care can help with transportation, making connecting with people safe during the winter and making it easier to plan something out.

Create a Winter Routine

Although your senior loved one should have a developed routine with in-home care, that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Often, things change when winter melts into summer and each new season. The base things may always stay the same, like when to wake up, go to bed, and even meal times. But other things may need to change, and it is okay to change small things in a routine to reflect the new sunlight hours and to ensure your senior is staying happy while aging in place.