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Date: October 28, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Most skin cancer cases in the US are in people that are 65 or older, and yet most seniors don’t take the steps they should to protect their skin. Now is the best time to learn more about how seniors can protect their skin throughout the year.

Everyone should be protecting their skin from harsh weather, but seniors need to be especially careful. As people age their skin thins out because it loses collagen and the fat underneath the skin. Have you ever noticed that your senior loved one’s hands look thinner than they used to? That’s the toll that aging takes on skin. But if seniors take care of their skin they may be able to lower their risk of developing skin cancer. To protect their skin seniors should:

Wear A Hat

Hat are a must have accessory for seniors. In the summer seniors should be wearing a hat that shades their face whenever they are going to be outside for more than a few minutes. If you want to make sure that your senior loved one wears a hat it’s a good idea to put hats everywhere. Put hats in their purses or pockets. Put hats in the car. And keep lots of hats by the front or back doors. Home care assistance providers can help your senior loved one keep track of all their hats and remember to wear them whenever they are outdoors.

Wear Sunscreen All Year Long

Some people think that sunscreen is just a summer time necessity but seniors should wear sunscreen all year long. The UV rays from the sun that reflect off of the snow in the winter can be just as damaging as the intense summer sun. Seniors should be applying sunscreen to their face, hands, and any part of their body that will be exposed to the sun every time they leave the house. Even if it’s just to garden in the backyard or walk around the block they should be wearing sunscreen.

Cover Their Skin

Seniors should always cover their skin to protect it. But that doesn’t mean that they have to cover up in heavy layers and be hot and sweaty all the time. In summer time very light long sleeved tee shirts can be worn, or light jackets or overshirts made from cotton or linen. Light natural materials like cotton and linen will breathe well and allow seniors to stay cool but safely covered.

Stay In The Shade

Seniors who want to be outside should always have some shade available nearby where they can rest. A home care assistance provider can help seniors find walking paths or other outdoor spaces where shade is easily accessible so that seniors can still enjoy the outdoors but do it safely. Home care assistance providers can also carry umbrellas that can be used by seniors for sun protection in intense summer weather.


Date: October 28, 2021