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Date: March 25, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

If you are worried about your elderly loved one’s heart health, it is important to learn about the best tips to improve it as much as you can. That way, you can motivate and encourage your elderly loved one to participate in certain lifestyle changes and activities that help strengthen their heart. Bringing in home care assistance is a great first step to getting your senior in the habit of healthy eating and exercise. Here are a few ways to improve heart health for your senior:

Making Improvements to Their Diet

One of the first things that your elderly loved one can do to improve their heart health is to make improvements to their diet. Sure, they can still eat their favorite snacks and desserts at times, but ultimately, they should be eating healthy food. If your elderly loved one is far from a healthy eater, it is crucial that you don’t try to force them to be as that will likely make things worse. Home care assistance can ease in one healthy food at a time. Hopefully, in time, their eating habits will get better, so they will be better for their heart, too.

Start Doing Aerobic Exercises

If your elderly loved one needs to make heart-healthy lifestyle changes, one of the things they should be doing is aerobic exercises. Studies show these types of exercises are some of the best for the heart. They don’t have to be complicated or difficult either. For example, you can have your elderly loved one take a 10-minute walk, do a beginner YouTube aerobic exercise video, or go swimming. It is a good idea for senior citizens to exercise when their family caregivers or home care assistance providers are there with them. That way, if they happen to fall, they can get help up.

Seeing a Doctor

Your elderly loved one can improve their heart health by keeping up with their doctor appointments, too. If there are any health issues going on with your elderly loved one, having them assessed and treated by a doctor early on can help to prevent heart health problems later on. For example, if your elderly loved one has diabetes, if it stays untreated that could cause a host of heart issues. However, getting treatment and staying on top of it with the help of home care assistance services can prevent those issues for forming.


There are many different ways that your elderly loved one can boost their heart health. If they try these things and they are still worried about their heart health, have them talk to their doctor. The doctor can let your elderly loved one know if there are specific recommendations based on their health history or current lifestyle. If so, then you or companion care providers can remind your elderly loved one to do those recommendations and/or treatments.

If, at any time, you are worried about your elderly loved one’s heart rate or blood pressure or if there are other health issues that could cause heart problems, don’t hesitate to get your elderly loved one checked out by a doctor.


Date: March 25, 2022