Caregivers Make a Difference Every Day

Make a Living While Making a Difference

At Griswold, we are always looking for compassionate, driven people. If you aspire to help others and desire to give kindness and care to those who need it most, being a Caregiver may be your calling. Make a living while making a difference, here in your community!

“What really makes Caregivers special is dedicating their time and lives to somebody else and truly making a difference.”

“If you feel like you have a caring heart, a loving spirit; if you’re kind and patient, then this could be an avenue for you.”

Hear for Yourself

Our Foundation

Where would we be without Caregivers? Their selflessness is astounding, yet they are often overlooked and underappreciated. The Jean Griswold Foundation is dedicated to supporting Caregivers, the backbone of the care industry. We provide educational scholarships so Care Professionals can further their training, enhance their skills, elevate their careers, and better assist the people they serve.