Date: June 6, 2022

Author: Griswold Home Care


Is the writing on the wall? It’s hard to admit that your aging loved one needs in-home care.

In our minds and memory, our parents are always youthful and energetic. Like most people, you probably picture them the way they were when you were growing up. Unfortunately, age catches up with all of us and your once spry parents, or aging loved one, might start needing some extra help around the house. If you’ve noticed signs that your loved one is not as sharp around the house as they once were, it might be time to think about having an in-home caregiver start helping out. Griswold Home Care is always here to help and is more than happy to lend a hand or guide you through the process of in-home care. We’ve put together a list of signs to look for if you suspect your loved one could benefit from additional help.

Is their house messy?

A little clutter is normal and sometimes even comforting. But if your otherwise neat and tidy parent suddenly has a pile of dirty dishes, laundry that hasn’t been put away, or trash that needs to be taken out, it might be a sign that a little extra help is needed. A home caregiver can help with chores around the house and help keep things organized during scheduled visits.

Do they look disheveled?

Does your always buttoned up and appearance-conscious loved one appear a little disheveled? Did they put their shirt on backwards or are they wearing mismatched socks? When a senior who is normally dressed to the nines suddenly has a change in their appearance, it could be an indication that some help would be a good idea.

Does the fridge look bare?

Even if your senior loved one doesn’t have the appetite they once had, their refrigerator should still be well stocked. Could it be that your parents are avoiding shopping because they don’t want to drive? Or perhaps it’s due to memory loss and forgetting that they need to go shopping. Bringing in home care help is a guaranteed way to ensure that your loved one always has something healthy to eat. Home caregivers can help with meal prep along with running errands to make sure a senior has the food they need.

Are they forgetting to take their medications?

Remembering to take daily medications can be a lot to ask of your aging loved one. There can be a lot going on around the house and distractions make it easy to forget to take medications if they live on their own. You can’t always be there to remind them to take their medications in a timely manner but a home caregiver can be on-hand to ensure an elder loved one is taking their medication at the proper time.

Are social opportunities far and few between?

No one likes to be alone, especially seniors. The golden years should be a time filled with friends and family. If friends are no longer around and driving is no longer an option, in-home care can provide some much needed companionship. They can also take seniors to places like local senior centers with activities where they can socialize with other seniors.

If it’s becoming more and more apparent that your senior could benefit from in-home care, reach out to the Griswold Home Care Metrowest-Boston to find out how we can help. We’ve been helping families navigate the home care process in the Needham area since 1992. It’s never an easy decision to make but we can help you take a step in the right direction with a home care plan for your loved one. Call us at (781) 559-0073.

Date: June 6, 2022