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Date: October 8, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Service dogs are wonderful for seniors and can help them with many essential tasks. It’s National Service Dog month and the holidays are approaching fast so it’s the perfect time to learn more about traveling with a service dog. If your senior loved one has a service dog that they depend on and they are going to be traveling for the holidays this year they can use these tips to make traveling with their service dog easier:

Get A Health Certificate

Anytime that your senior loved one travels with their service dog the dog will need to have a health certificate filled out by a vet along with copies of all their vaccination records and their rabies tag or certificate. If you know that your senior loved one is planning on traveling for the holidays make an appointment with the vet or have an in-home care provider make an appointment with the vet to get the dog a current health certificate. Make sure that your senior loved one is carrying multiple copies of all the dog’s vaccination records and the health certificate.

Pack A Bag For The Dog

Travel delays happen frequently so you and your senior loved one need to be prepared. Your senior loved one should have a take along bag filled with their essentials but they also need a take along bag for the dog. It should contain a doggie first aid kit, bottled water, disposable dog dishes, and either several cans of food or individual plastic baggies with individual portions of dry food for the dog. It’s also a good idea to put some treats, an extra harness and leash, and a couple of toys in the bag.

Get Some Help

If your senior loved one has mobility issues and the service dog helps them get around or if they have low vision or another condition where they rely on the dog to get around you might want to send an in-home care provider to the airport with your senior parent to make sure they get on the plane safely. Or let the airline know that your senior loved one is going to need some help.

Tell The Airline Ahead Of Time

All airlines have to allow legitimate service dogs to fly in the cabin with their owners rather than be shipped in the hold like cargo. But different airlines have different policies about flying with dogs. Some only have a few dog friendly seats available. Others may have requirements about the dog riding in a carrier or wearing a muzzle. Always call the airline well in advance and let them know that your senior loved one is going to be traveling with a service dog and ask them what their policies are. Most airlines will be very accommodating for seniors with service dogs and take very good care of both your senior parent and their service dog. Letting the airline know ahead of time makes it easier for them to prepare for the flight and makes sure your senior loved one and their service dog are comfortable and safe.