Griswold Care Pairing for Scarsdale & Yonkers Change Location

Date: July 13, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Four out of ten caregivers live with the person they care for. Around 43 percent report living in the care recipient’s home rather than having the care recipient move into the caregiver’s home. Moving in with your parents makes sense logistically, but is it always the best choice?

When you move into your parents’ home, a few things need to be discussed. You’re used to having your own space with the rules you’ve set. Your parents have their own rules. Are you going to be able to withstand living under your parents’ rules again? Follow these tips to live together in harmony.

Discuss House Rules in Advance

Sit down together and talk about the house rules for everyone to follow. If your parents have one bathroom, it’s going to take careful scheduling to make sure everyone has time to shower without feeling rushed. A bathroom schedule is important. It’s also essential to make certain people know their responsibilities when cleaning up the bathroom when they’re done.

You’re doing the cooking and cleaning, but you know your mom enjoys folding laundry. Make sure she gets to do the things she enjoys, even if you think it will slow you down.

Be respectful of her preferences. You like using an unscented laundry detergent, but she loves lavender-scented detergent. Either use the scented for all wash loads or make sure her clothing is always washed in her favorite detergent.

Leave Time Each Week for Fun Activities

Everyone needs a day to unwind. Pick a few hours to dedicate to your parents’ favorite activities. Instead of watching TV on a Friday night, get out some board games you know they enjoy. Take Saturday off and make that a day you go to lunch and tour a local museum.

Arrange It So That Everyone Has a Space to Escape To

When you’re deciding where people will sleep, try to ensure that everyone has their own space. Set up a studio apartment in the basement and allow your parents to have the upstairs to themselves. If that’s not possible, make sure the bedrooms all have a sitting area with comfortable seating, a good lamp for reading books or doing puzzles, and a TV for movies and shows.

Take Breaks Regularly

Elderly care aides are important, even if you’re living with your parents. You have to take breaks for your own mental and emotional health. Go out with friends or family members. Take a day off to run errands or attend appointments.

When you hire elderly care aides for respite care, you’re free to do things on your own. You don’t have to skip seeing your cousin because there’s no one to help your parents while you’re away. You can go on vacations, get a haircut, or grocery shop without having to bring your parents along. Call an elderly care agency to schedule respite care.


Date: July 13, 2021