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Date: September 30, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

The first week of October is set aside as National Walk Your Dog week to remind people that pets, especially dogs, no matter their size or their age, need exercise just as much as we do. So, why not have both your parent’s dog and your parent reap the rewards of getting out for a little exercise during the first week of October and perhaps doing a bit of celebrating while they are at it? Here are a couple of fun and easy ways to celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week.

Purchase some new walking equipment.

While walking is a great activity because it doesn’t need special equipment, maybe National Walk Your Dog Week is the perfect excuse to either update what your parent has been using or splurge on something a little more special.

For your parent, check their walking shoes and see what kind of condition they are in. If the soles are worn smooth or the laces are threaded, it might be a good week to get some new shoes so she can have better footing when walking the dog. Your companion care at home provider can help evaluate the quality of your parent’s shoes as well as bring her to a shoe store to purchase a new pair.

For your parent’s pet, it might be time for a new collar or leash. While the pet probably doesn’t care how either looks, your parent might enjoy purchasing a fancy bejeweled collar for her favorite walking companion or a seasonal leash (such as Halloween or Fall). It can be fun to “dress up” the dog a bit for a stroll around the neighborhood. There are some great online resources for pet supplies and your companion care at home provider can help your parent find them online so that they’re quickly and easily shipped right to your parent’s home.

Find a new path

If your parent takes her dog on the same path each day, this week might be a great time to find a new place to visit. Not only will your parent enjoy seeing some new sights, but the dog is also sure to love smelling some new smells as well. Your companion care at home provider can bring them both to a new park with smooth walking paths for them to wander around and enjoy on a nice temperate weather day. They can also look for beautiful fall leaves along the way.

Even if your parent doesn’t have a dog, this might be a great week for her to visit a local shelter and take a shelter dog out for a walk, or to check in on a friend who is laid up to see if she can walk his dog while he recovers. Most dogs don’t care who walks them, they just want to get out and enjoy the day!

Date: September 30, 2022