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Date: April 29, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month so now is the perfect time for seniors to start thinking about summer skin care. For seniors protecting their skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays is absolutely essential for good health. To avoid skin cancer and other health problems seniors should take summer skin care seriously. Elder care can help your parent prepare for seasons and the daily weather changes properly.¬†According to dermatologists the best things that seniors can do to prevent skin damage this summer are:

Invest In Hats

Hats should be daily wear for seniors who are going out in the sun. Whether they want to wear elaborate sun hats with huge brims or ball caps as long as they have a brim to shield your face from the sun they’re fine. Seniors should wear a hat every time they are out in the sun. Even if the day is overcast and not totally sunny wear a hat. Always wear a hat.

Invest In Great Sun Screen

You and your senior parent already know that everyone should wear sunscreen every day. Even if they are not going outside seniors need to wear sunscreen because they can be exposed to UV rays from sunshine through windows. But the quality of the sun screen that seniors wear matters. The cheap sunscreen from the discount store or the bottle of SPF 10 sun screen that has been in the bathroom junk drawer for ten years isn’t going to cut it. Your senior loved one needs to invest in some high quality SPF 30 or higher sun screen that is designed for seniors. Quality sun screen that is formulated for mature skin will do the best job protecting your senior loved one’s skin from the sun.

Cover All Skin

When it’s hot outside it can be difficult to think about wearing a lot of clothes but seniors should always wear long pants, long skirts or dresses, and long sleeves. The fabric will protect your senior parent’s delicate skin from direct sun exposure. The key to wearing long sleeves and long pants, skirts, and dresses in the summer without roasting in the heat is to wear light layers of fabric. A very light tank top with a light long sleeves top over it won’t be overly constricting or warm and it will protect your senior mom’s skin. Light long sleeved shirts or three quarter sleeve shirts will protect your aging dad’s skin.

Wear Breathable Fabric

In addition to wearing light layers seniors should always wear breathable light fabrics. Typically this means wearing natural fabrics. Cotton is a fantastic material for seniors to wear. A light long sleeved tee shirt made from cotton is a staple layering piece that seniors can wear all year. Linen is another great choice for summer clothing because it’s very light but breathes very well to keep senior skin dry and cool. Bamboo, silk, and some hybrid fibers can also be worn by seniors who want to be covered but cool in the summer heat.

Date: April 29, 2022