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Date: November 12, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

Pneumonia can be extremely dangerous, especially to senior citizens. Does your elderly loved one have pneumonia? If so, with early care and enough assistance from in-home care providers and family caregivers, your elderly loved one has a better chance of recovering from this condition. Learn more today on how home care services can help your elderly loved one recover from pneumonia.

Help with Personal Hygiene

Your elderly loved one may struggle to take care of their personal hygiene if they have pneumonia. Most people who are sick with pneumonia feel extremely weak. They may be exhausted all the time. This can make it tough to do any tasks, even brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, or taking a shower. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, you may want to hire senior care providers to help them with these tasks.

Handling Confusion

People who get diagnosed with pneumonia often get confused. There are numerous reasons for this. Some of those reasons include:

  • Feeling so exhausted they can’t think properly
  • Already having dementia or another neurodegenerative condition

If either of these are the case for your elderly loved one, hiring in-home care providers would be a good idea. These providers can stay with your elderly loved one to ensure that things are getting done. They can also ensure your elderly loved one is safe. If your elderly loved one struggle with something specific that they are getting confused with, the home care providers can help them with that, too.

Medication Reminders

Most likely, if your elderly loved one has pneumonia, they are going to be on medications. This might include an inhaler or breathing treatments. It is vital that they take their medications as the doctor prescribed. The problem is that with the increased confusion and exhaustion, your elderly loved one may forget to take those medications which could worsen their condition. Having in-home care providers there to give reminders to take the medications can help ensure a better recovery for your elderly loved one.


Does your elderly loved one have pneumonia? If so, it is crucial they are doing everything as their doctor orders. It is also very important that they have people in their home to help them recover from this condition. In-home care providers can be very helpful in your elderly loved one’s recovery from pneumonia.


Date: November 12, 2021