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Date: April 16, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

When people age, they face increasing challenges. This is, of course, the natural process of aging, and while we may not enjoy it for the loss of strength, balance, and ability, there will likely come a time when we have to accept it. One of the struggles that increases for an aging senior is to maintain safety.

Depending on the circumstances, a senior’s safety could be immediately improved through the addition of extra support. The best kind to consider is referred to as senior care.

What is senior care?

This encapsulates a wide range of services, most notably home care. While a nursing home and assisted living community would both be considered senior care services, when you’re talking about helping someone remain in the comfort of their home (where most seniors prefer to stay), it’s about aging in place and home care is simply the best option.

Why is senior care so important to safety?

When an older person begins facing health challenges, physical limitations, is recovering from major surgery or a medical emergency, for example, what happens? They tend to have less strength and lower mobility.

That means even the things that were once so easy to do, become more complicated. Tougher.

Maintaining balance while getting out of bed, for example, can be extremely tough. Now, when this aging senior depends on a senior care provider, guess what? That in home care aide, for example, would be able to assist him or her getting out of bed in the morning.

A home care aide could help that senior go to the bathroom, bathe, get dressed, and get moving into the day. Instead of the elderly person struggling and worrying that he or she could fall at any time, the home care provider would be the support they need to maintain their balance.

Senior care can offer many benefits.

A lot of people don’t consider senior care at first because they either have misconceptions about what it is or what it offers, or they don’t think it’s affordable. Due to the flexible nature of in home care through an agency, though, it becomes incredibly affordable.

Just a couple of hours one or two days a week might be more than enough to help an aging senior be safer, especially if they hold off on certain tasks until the senior care provider is able to be there to support them. That is a wonderful way to improve safety for that senior.

Date: April 16, 2021