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Date: September 2, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

A clean home is safer as the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced. It’s also safer because there’s less clutter to cause a fall. Your mom used to keep her home a lot cleaner than it is now. Has housework become too much for her? What do you do?

Household Chores Your Mom Should Be Completing

What household chores are essential? Your mom needs to wipe down counters, faucet handles, and her stove after using it. She finished cooking dinner and ate her meal. Now is the time to sanitize her counters and stovetop. She needs to wash and dry dishes or load her dishwasher.

Does your mom have pets? If so, she should sweep or vacuum her floors every few days to remove pet hair and dander. Daily cleaning may be better if she has pets that shed a lot. Once a week, she should sanitize hardwood, vinyl, or tile floors with a steam mop or sanitizing wet mop system.

At least once a week, have your mom use a sanitizing wipe to wipe down door knobs, light switches, cupboard door handles, phones, and remotes. She should wipe down the handle to her oven and refrigerator/freezer. That kills any viruses or bacteria that are on those hard surfaces.

The sheets on her bed need to be changed weekly. At the same time, she should swap out her towels for clean ones. Once she’s done this, she needs to make her bed with new sheets and put the dirty laundry in the washing machine. She’ll need to switch the load to the dryer and fold everything when it’s dry.

Clean laundry needs to be put away where it goes. At the same time, any items that have been used, such as shoes, leashes, pet toys, etc. need to be put away to reduce the clutter that may be on the floor.

Shop for groceries every week or two and make sure the items are put where they go. They should not get stacked on counters and forgotten. If she purchases frozen items, dairy, and meats, put them away before they have time to spoil. Once a month or so, she should wipe down all of the shelves in her refrigerator to sanitize the surfaces.

Hire Companion Care at Home for Assistance Around the House

If you think about the daily chores that your mom should do to keep her home clean and organized, how many is she able to do? As arthritis flares up and other chronic health conditions start to impact her mobility, what are her struggles? Is her housework too much for her now?

When your mom is having a hard time cleaning her home, it’s time to talk about companion care at home services. Hire caregivers to come to her home and clean the house. Call a specialist in companion care at home to get started.