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Date: December 10, 2021

Author: Robert Kreek

One of the best holiday traditions is baking holiday treats in a warm festive kitchen. Whether the treats are for family or for holiday gifts nothing is better than fresh baked holiday treats. Baking holiday cookies, cakes, and pies with your senior loved one can create wonderful memories for you and holiday traditions that you can carry on with your own children. Some fun holiday baking tradition ideas that you can do with your senior parent and your kids are:

Signature Cookie Gifts

Does your senior loved one have a signature cookie or baked good that they make every year? Maybe they have their own spin on a classic Christmas cookie or maybe they have been making the same type of traditional cookie for decades. But whatever their signature cookie is you can bake a few batches of that cookie with them and then parcel them out into gift boxes to be wrapped and gifted to the neighbors. Your senior parent will enjoy being able to bake with you and pass on their tricks for making the perfect cookie. If you need help portioning and boxing the cookies or wrapping them a personal care at home provider can help with each step of the cookie making including making sure that the cookie packages get distributed to the neighbors.

Remake A Classic

Is there a holiday baked good like a pie or a cake that you always have during the holidays? Challenge your senior parent to a competition to see who can create the best remake of that cookie or dish. The only rule should be that the flavor profile has to be the same. It will be a lot of fun to see what kinds of unique cookies you and your senior loved one can create. You can also open the competition up to the neighbors or your senior parent’s friends if you want to let more people in on the fun.

Cookies On Christmas Eve

Leaving out cookies for Santa this year? Make them fresh baked. Start a new tradition of baking fresh cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa. This is a great tradition to start with the grandchildren, so if you have small children bring them over to their grandparent’s house and have everyone work together to see who can make the most delicious new cookie.

Ring In The New Year With A Coin Cake

Coin cakes are similar to a King Cake that you’d find in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Coin cakes are circular cakes that are supposed to represent good fortune in the new year. Place a silver or gold large coin in a hidden slice of the cake and whoever gets the coin in their piece of cake will have good luck throughout the year. Just make sure that it’s a big coin so that no one inadvertently eats the coin instead of fishing it out of the cake.

Date: December 10, 2021