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Date: July 29, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

When you are caring for an elderly loved one, you may be concerned with finding ways to boost their longevity. Or, in other words, how you can promote healthy habits to help them live longer. One of the first things to consider is if they are aging in place and what kind of quality they are living. If they are not living a high-quality life where they feel independent, then they may not live as long. It’s time to consider hiring elder care to help your senior live independently daily. Elder care will help them maintain routines that could help boost their quality of life leading to longer longevity. Here are more tips that a senior can do to live a longer and fuller life.

Keeping Social

Being alone may actually weaken a senior’s immune system. Staying social is so important for various reasons. A senior may get less sick from being social, but they also may be mentally much happier. Being happy is something that is always so understated for senior loved ones. Every day you should find a way to encourage your seniors to get out and see their friends. They may want to meet in the park or go to a community garden, church, or the gym to take a few laps in the local pool. It’s time to tell your seniors that staying social is so crucial for their life.

Focus on Diet and Eating Healthy

The healthiest centenarians (people over 100) like diets that are mostly fruits and vegetables. Additionally, their meals include more fish and poultry than red meat. The Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California discovered that proteins derived from animal sources activate two sets of genes that accelerate the aging process. Eating better makes it simpler to maintain a healthy weight. If your senior has not been eating fresh foods, it may be because they can not cook or open certain foods anymore. This is something that elder care might be able to help your senior with.

Always Find a Purpose

Everyone, including seniors, likes to feel useful. Just because someone is older does not mean they don’t have a purpose. When a senior has something to look forward to every day, it can help them live much longer. This is something they can wake up for and feel as if they’re making a difference in the world. Finding a purpose in life should never be understated.

Focus on Getting Enough Physical Activity

Physical strength also contributes to longevity for your elderly loved one. Numerous older folks participate in a variety of physical activities. Some individuals engage in regular exercises while others stroll, and many others join in or compete in athletic activities. This doesn’t mean they have to become weightlifters just to keep walking daily.

Keep Their Brain Busy

Participating in hobbies, playing games, or solving puzzles that demand memory, logic, and other brain functions proved advantageous. Diet, exercise, and refraining from smoking may also improve mental clarity. It’s time to get your senior interested in games that will keep their brain busy and healthy.

Date: July 29, 2022