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Date: September 9, 2022

Author: Robert Kreek

President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation naming the first Sunday after Labor Day to be National Grandparents Day. It’s a day to honor grandparents for the vital role they fill in their families. What are your plans to honor your dad this year? Here are five activities that your dad will love having others around to help him complete or engage in.

Close Out His Gardens

Your dad loves to garden, so gather the family and help him close out the summer’s gardens. Pull out dead plants, remove any weeds, and cover the beds with compost and mulch to go through the winter. If he has any crops that need to be planted right now, such as garlic bulbs, it’s a good time to get those down and cover everything in compost and mulch.

Have a Movie Day

Pick a rainy weekend and have everyone over for movies. Your dad can pick the movies he’s been waiting to see, and you can each bring a favorite treat or beverages for the group. Someone can bring popcorn and another person could make nachos. Have burgers and baked fries or another of your dad’s favorite meals.

Plan a Potluck Dinner

How often does your dad eat alone? Why not plan a potluck dinner where everyone contributes a dish your dad loves? If others bring a dish, your dad just gets to sit back and enjoy a meal with his family. After the meal, make sure people clean the table and counters. They can wash dishes, dry them, and put them away.

Take a Scenic Drive

Go for a drive in the mountains, along the shores, or in the country. Let your dad choose the things he wants to see and plan a route. If you can, choose a picnic area along the way and bring a picnic lunch for your dad to get out, stretch his legs, and explore the area.

Hold a Garage Sale

No one loves the preparation that goes into a garage sale, but the outcome is amazing. Your dad’s clutter is building up, and he’s starting to feel overwhelmed. Gather the family and sort through his items.

For things he and other family members don’t want, put them up for sale. Hold a garage sale and make some money. Your dad will have some spare cash to put towards groceries or splurge purchases. He might want to use the money he makes for a relaxed dinner out with family.

Is your dad alone when the family is busy with work, school, or social activities? He doesn’t have to be. Hire a home care aide to help your dad with his meals and housework.

Your dad’s caregiver is there to keep him company, do his laundry, and take him shopping. If he wants to go for a walk but hates walking alone, his caregiver is by his side. Call a home care agency to make the arrangements your dad needs.

Date: September 9, 2022