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Date: September 7, 2023

Author: Griswold Home Care

Over time, seniors find themselves becoming more and more sedentary. Health issues may start to convince them that they need to get physically active again, but that’s not always an easy thing to do. And if family caregivers live far away, they may wonder how they can help seniors to become more active. Companion care at home is just one way that seniors can age in place and have the social interaction they need to be more active. Here are some of the ways that companion care at home providers can do that for aging adults.

What Is Companion Care?

Companion care at home is non-medical home care that offers seniors companionship and other types of emotional support. Elder care services offer more hands-on help than companion care does. Also, sometimes seniors are not willing to accept help, but visiting with a companion is something that they are more open to in general. This can be a great way for family caregivers to stay on top of what’s happening in their senior’s life on a regular basis.

What Do Companions Do for Seniors?

Companion caregivers can do all sorts of things to help keep seniors more active in their daily lives. For instance, they might go with seniors on walks or outings to help ensure that seniors are safe and that they have company while they walk. They might even accompany aging adults while they run some errands to help out a little bit and just offer a friendly face and conversation. Most often, companion care at home involves simply spending time with seniors, conversing with them, and doing activities like playing games or reading out loud.

Keeping Seniors Active

If the goal is for companions to help seniors to embrace being more active on a regular basis, companion caregivers can help first by offering seniors some gentle reminders to be more active. Sometimes those simple reminders, along with companionship while doing something more active, can be a huge help on its own. Caregivers can also offer help with transportation to social events, activities, and appointments where they’re going to be more physically active. The specific type of help offered depends greatly on the needs of the person receiving care.

Finding a Schedule for Companion Care at Home

There isn’t one schedule that fits every senior’s situation perfectly when it comes to scheduling visits from caregivers. Again, if the goal is to help boost the senior’s activity levels, factoring in how often their doctor has cleared them to exercise can be a guideline that assists with scheduling. Family caregivers should always talk with their seniors about what sort of timing works best for them. If seniors are reluctant to have help at first, companion care can help them to become more comfortable with accepting help later on.

Companion care at home can be an easy way for seniors to ease their way into being more physically active. Having the social interaction that they need allows seniors to have a better quality of life overall, including improving moods and motivating them to embrace healthier habits.

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Date: September 7, 2023