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Date: March 3, 2023

Author: Karen Vasser

At some point, seniors may not necessarily need a lot of help with tasks, but they may still be having some trouble socially. Friends and family move away or are otherwise unavailable and that can make it difficult for aging adults to have the companionship that they need and want. Companion care at home is one option, but if the topic isn’t addressed properly from the beginning, seniors may not understand how this service can help them.

Time the Conversation Appropriately

Jumping into any sensitive conversation is typically a bad idea. It can be even more difficult when family members are trying to convince an aging adult to accept some help from home care providers. Choosing the time and space for this conversation can make more of a difference than people expect. It’s a good idea to look for an opening when things are calm and the conversation isn’t likely to be interrupted.

Ease into the Topic

When someone is already feeling stubborn and resistant to help, the worst thing that a family member could do is insist that this is how things are going to go. In terms of bringing in companion care at home, it’s helpful to ask about how things are going in general. Keeping the conversation loving and supportive is the right tone to set.

Allow Room for Back and Forth

Some seniors might have some valid concerns about having help, even just with socializing. What’s important is that they feel heard by the people who love them. Allowing for a true conversation, including back and forth about what family members are hoping might happen, can be reassuring for aging adults. No one likes feeling as if they’re being told what to do, and that can go double for seniors who are trying to maintain their independence.

Explain Why Companion Care at Home Could Help

It also helps to have an understanding of what seniors need and what their challenges are. For someone who is feeling isolated, for example, highlighting the ways that companion care at home can reduce those feelings of loneliness is important. Caregivers aren’t there to dictate anything or to take over someone’s household. Their only goal is to offer a friendly face and keep someone company for a while.

Give the Topic Time to Percolate

It’s highly possible that some seniors need time to think something this big over for a bit. It’s also a good idea to suggest a trial run or a period where the senior is in control of these interactions with caregivers. This can help them to feel in control of what’s happening and less as if this is something that everyone else is making them do.

Introducing the idea of companion care at home can feel intimidating for family caregivers, but it’s a conversation that is important to have as soon as possible. Remembering to maintain empathy and respect can go a long way toward making the conversation easier, too. Over time, the idea of having a friendly companion on a regular basis might become one that feels more comfortable.

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Date: March 3, 2023