Date: January 26, 2023

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

This is the time of the year when most seniors are struggling to stick with their New Year’s resolutions about weight loss and healthy eating. But now is when it’s the most important for seniors to keep working on those lifestyle changes so that they can build on the momentum that they’ve been gathering since the new year started.

Seniors who have home care often struggle less because it’s easier to maintain healthy lifestyle changes with the help and support of a home care provider. Home care providers can also help seniors with shopping and cooking so that they have access to healthy meals and healthy food. Some other expert tips that seniors can use to continue their weight loss journeys are:

Don’t Weigh Every Day

Seniors shouldn’t be getting on the scale to weigh themselves every day. Once a week is plenty when it comes to tracking weight loss. In fact, seniors may want to only weight themselves once a month to track their overall progress. That’s because weight loss can fluctuate from week to week and it’s easy to get discouraged if the scale doesn’t move one week even if it moves quite a bit the next week. And being discouraged can lead to snacking and weight gain. Weigh less often to lose more weight.

Try Shorter Bursts Of Exercise More Often

Seniors who have trouble with extended periods of exercise such as walking for 30 minutes or an hour daily can start by exercising for shorter periods of time but doing those shorter workout more often. For example, instead of taking a 30 minute walk once a day a senior could take a ten minute walk around the block three times a day. Or a senior could get up and walk during the commercials in their favorite show. All exercise counts, and doing frequent workouts that only last a few minutes can still help seniors lose weight.

Try Personal Training

Personal trainers that specialize in helping seniors lose weight or maintain a healthy weight can be a great asset for seniors. Many senior centers have exercise classes and gyms where seniors can find personal trainers who specialize in helping seniors. Getting a personalized workout plan tailored to their individual needs can help seniors achieve their weight loss goals, especially if they have a lot of weight to lose. Just make sure that the personal trainer has experience with the unique needs of seniors.

Strength Training Is A Weight Loss Secret Weapon

Strength training is one of the best exercises for seniors. That’s because maintaining muscle burns calories at a faster rate. Seniors can get fit and lose weight just by building up their muscles and keeping them strong. Many seniors who haven’t tried strength training before are surprised at what a great workout it can be. And strength training is a low-no impact workout that seniors can do at the gym or at home. Those options make it a great workout for seniors at all fitness levels.

Date: January 26, 2023