Date: May 10, 2024

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

Elder Care in Stuyvesant NY

The temperature is already heating up, and the blazing summer sun isn’t far behind. When summer temperatures soar and the sun is blazing daily seniors need to be very careful about their exposure to the sun. Protecting their skin from the sun is something that seniors need to do every day, even if they aren’t going outside. Even the sun streaming in the windows can damage a senior’s skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Seniors that do go outside should always wear sunscreen and a hat. If your senior parent has the support of elder care, their provider can remind and encourage them to use these protective methods. While your senior is inside, here are a few helpful tips:

Close Curtains or Blinds

Keep curtains or blinds closed during peak sunlight hours to reduce exposure to UV radiation indoors. Seniors should have sun-blocking curtains if they don’t have blinds. There are also window films that can filter out UV rays to make sure that your senior parent is safe from the sun inside their home.

Seek Shade

Sit or work in areas of the home that are away from direct sunlight, such as shaded areas or rooms with less exposure to windows. It may be a good idea to create a shaded room by putting up heavy light blocking curtains so that your senior mom or dad has a quiet dark space they can rest during the day if they need a nap.

Use UV-Protective Window Film

Consider applying UV-protective window film to windows to block out harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light to enter. These window films are easy to get and easy to install. Just spray a little water on the window and the film will cling to the window. No adhesive necessary. The film also comes in a lot of fun  patterns that will make the room look more festive.

Wear Protective Clothing

Seniors should wear layers of very light natural fiber clothing even if they are indoors. The light coming in from the windows has enough UV rays to cause sunburn and skin damage. So, make sure that your mom or dad has appropriate light clothing to layer during the summer.

Apply Sunscreen

Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to exposed skin, especially areas that are near windows or receive direct sunlight indoors.

Use Moisturizers with SPF

Make sure your mom or dad has moisturizer with SPF that will help them avoid getting sunburns, brown spots, and other skin damage from the sun. Choose moisturizers, makeup, or lip balms that contain SPF to provide additional protection for the skin, especially on the face and lips.

Limit Time Near Windows

Spending some time each day looking out the window every day is great for seniors.  The sunlight can help improve their mood and mental health. But the time of the day your senior parent is enjoying the sunshine matters. Seniors should enjoy the sun in the morning or enjoy the sunset at night but stay away from the windows during the afternoon when the UV rays are the strongest.

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Date: May 10, 2024