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It’s Peace of Mind

At Griswold Home Care for Passaic, Sussex & Morris Counties, we offer compassionate in-home care for those who want support to live where they love. With over four decades of experience and a storied legacy of compassion and integrity, we focus on the people we meet and the connections we make right here in our own community. It is our privilege to support your unique needs with respect, empathy, and dedicated attention so you can Live Assured, without the weight of worry.

Griswold is an award-winning pioneer in the non-medical home care industry. We believe Care Professionals are the foundation of our success, and our commitment to innovation is based on our desire to improve the lives of everyone we touch as we serve this community. We focus on personal care, homemaking, companionship, and support for those with conditions, illnesses, or injuries.

Meet Your Team

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We’re in This Together

Being involved in the local community of Northern New Jersey is very important to us at the Passaic, Sussex, and Morris County office. Our caregivers are constantly informed and up to date about local events so that they can help home care recipients participate in various community activities. Our caregivers can drive clients to events and accompany them throughout the day.

We encourage our interested clients to plant a home vegetable garden. Our caregivers can assist in all the necessary parts to get a successful garden started. We’ve helped our clients plant vibrant home gardens that produce lettuce, radishes, zucchini, beans, and other nutritious foods that aid in maintaining their health at home. We believe that creating a garden and watching it grow is a wonderful experience everyone, especially seniors, can appreciate. Having a home garden allows our clients to connect to their food and participate directly in their meal planning and health.

Our garden plan is a unique approach to home care and senior care. Remember—New Jersey is called the “Garden State” for a reason!

Jean’s Story

In 1982, Dr. Jean Griswold founded our company at her dining room table in a small suburb of Philadelphia. She found out that an elderly woman in her community had died of complications because she had no support system for care. Jean felt this was an easily preventable tragedy and was driven to find a solution by pairing Caregivers with those who could not thrive in their homes alone. She was a true visionary, establishing one of the first and most successful non-medical home care organizations in the country, despite being wheelchair-bound due to Multiple Sclerosis. Over 40 years later, her legacy lives on nationwide.


Where would we be without Caregivers? Their selflessness is astounding, yet they are often overlooked and underappreciated. The Jean Griswold Foundation is dedicated to supporting Caregivers, the backbone of the care industry. We provide educational scholarships so Care Professionals can further their training, enhance their skills, elevate their careers, and better assist the people they serve.

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