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Date: October 5, 2023

Author: Griswold Home Care

Caring for aging family members is a big job and they often want a high degree of independence in their daily lives. But staying on top of what is going on is a crucial aspect of making sure that seniors have what they need, when they need it. Family caregivers are often walking a fine line between hovering and offering the space that seniors want. Knowing how and when to check in, as well as when to rely on home care assistance, can make all the difference in the world.

Why Are Regular Check-ins with Seniors Important?

It’s important to have regular check-ins with senior family members because their health and safety are huge issues that can change with very little notice. Aging brings with it a higher risk of health issues as well as accidents that can lead to injuries. Seniors taking medications may need to have someone help them to periodically make sure all is well with side effects and other concerns. Checking in also offers an opportunity to reduce isolation and offer a means of social interaction for seniors.

What Do These Check-ins Consist Of?

When family caregivers think about check-ins with their aging adults, they might worry about what they need to do and what they should be asking. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, in reality. Asking simple questions and listening for what is actually going on behind the scenes is the easiest way to check in with a loved one. If there are bigger concerns, then setting aside time to talk with seniors about what is causing them trouble can help. In other situations, a more thorough check-in might be a good idea.

How Often Should Families Check in with Seniors?

The frequency of check-ins really vary depending on a lot of variables. Some seniors only need someone asking pointed questions once a month or so, especially if they’re doing well and their health is in good condition. Often family caregivers might set aside a few minutes during holidays and special occasions to have a specific conversation about what’s happening. If there’s a significant change in health, that might warrant more frequent check-ins from family caregivers. Seniors who have a strong support system or who are using home care services might need weekly check-ins. But if seniors are experiencing bigger issues or are reluctant to accept outside help, daily check-ins might be a good idea.

Using Home Care Assistance to Check In

Home care assistance can play a huge role in ensuring that seniors are doing well and that they have the help that they need. Elder care is especially important when family members can’t be there in person to check in with their aging family members. Home care assistance can help with companionship, meal planning and cleanup, personal care tasks, transportation, safety, and so much more.

Staying connected with aging adults is a vital part of helping aging adults to have the support that they need for optimal well-being. How often family caregivers check in really depends on an ever-changing set of variables. Enlisting the help of home care assistance as soon as possible can help to make this process seamless.

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Date: October 5, 2023