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Date: October 26, 2023

Author: Griswold Home Care

When a senior is managing life with Parkinson’s disease, there are a lot of changes that they have to manage, sometimes very quickly as their health changes. Some of these changes dramatically reduce quality of life and make life more complicated. It’s important to have help that seniors can rely on, because home care providers are there to do what they can to improve comfort, make life easier, and improve quality of life.

Trouble with Swallowing and Chewing

It’s incredibly common for seniors with Parkinson’s disease to have trouble chewing and swallowing. This can lead to choking, so it’s important that seniors have someone around when they eat and drink. Elder care providers know what to watch out for and can help patients if they run into difficulties. Seniors might also work with speech therapists to learn new techniques for helping them to swallow safely.

Lack of Nutrition

People with Parkinson’s disease are also prone to malnutrition, especially if they’re not finding solutions that work well to help them with problems chewing and swallowing. Eating a well-balance diet that is easy to eat is a solid solution, but seniors may also need to consider supplementation. It’s important to talk to their doctors before adding supplements.

Increased Likelihood of Falling

Because of the way that Parkinson’s disease affects the body, balance, and muscles, fall prevention is incredibly important. It might be necessary to make home modifications, like adding handrails wherever possible, in order to help prevent falls. Other safety solutions, like bathroom grab bars, raised toilet seats, and removing as much clutter as possible, are all essential, too.

Medication Side Effects

There might be quite a few medications that Parkinson’s patients are taking to manage their symptoms. Managing these side effects is something that the patient’s medical team can help to manage. It’s a good idea to get a thorough list of what side effects are possible and ways to be prepared in case they do show up. Having a plan can make dealing with uncomfortable side effects a little easier to manage.

Anxiety and Depression

Parkinson’s disease is not easy to live with on a daily basis, and it can take an emotional toll. There may be a lot of things that seniors can’t do any longer because of their health. This can all lead to problems with anxiety and depression. Watching for signs of mental health difficulties can help families to get help sooner rather than later for the seniors they love. These conditions can be treated, either through medications or through other solutions, like working with a therapist or visiting a support group. Improving anxiety and depression can help to make other side effects more manageable, too.

Home care can be an invaluable partner for seniors who have Parkinson’s disease. They offer assistance with daily tasks and can be there to offer both moral support and companionship when seniors need that most. Caregivers can also offer respite care for family members who need to be able to take a break.

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