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Date: April 28, 2023

Author: Griswold Home Care

When your loved one lives alone, you will want to come up with activities to keep them busy. With home care there for support and companionship, your senior loved one can enjoy a multitude of hobbies. One of the best hobbies is coloring or even painting! This is a fun thing to keep them busy throughout the day and allows them to express themselves without using words. Coloring can be especially good for those that struggle with memory. Here are all the benefits your senior may get from taking the time to color each day.

Coloring Is a Mood Boost

If your senior is struggling with the early stages of Dementia, they may feel frustrated even with the support of home care. Coloring is one of the best ways to ease anxiety, stress, and a foul mood. It is a way to see happy colors, and pictures and remain engaged in an easy activity that occupies the mind. There are tons of adult coloring books that you can find online or even in stores. Pick one out that you think will make your loved one happy, and find some easy crayons or colored pencils for them to use.

It Promotes Creativity In Their Lives

If they once loved to paint but can’t remember what they’re painting, this is a great hobby for them to choose. It allows them to see the full picture and be creative with different colors. In addition, this activity may allow them to think more clearly and develop new ways of thinking outside the box.

Coloring Helps Dexterity

Seniors can lose dexterity due to a variety of factors, such as aging-related physical changes, diseases, medications, and injuries. For example, as we age, our muscles and joints tend to become stiffer and less flexible, decreasing our range of motion. This can make it harder to perform fine motor tasks like typing or writing. However, one way to prevent this loss from happening is by picking up a hobby like coloring. This hobby can help seniors with dexterity because it stimulates the small muscles of the hand and fingers, which can help improve muscle control and coordination.

This Hobby Helps With Organization

When a senior chooses to color in their spare time, it allows them to see the full picture and use colors to fill in the blanks. It allows them to organize things in their minds and use colors simultaneously. They can also group together specific colors with the items they’re using, which can help them develop new ways of thinking, and in the future, it can help reduce frustrations.

Coloring Reduces Anxiety

When your senior is coloring, it gives them something to work and focus on, even if it seems easy to you. This is a good way to ensure a senior has something to look forward to each day, allowing them to use their creative thinking. In addition, focusing on something and working on something relaxing can allow a senior to relax and reduce anxiety when they have this focus. The colors they choose may even provide the comfort that they need to help them cope with certain emotions.

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Date: April 28, 2023