Date: August 16, 2022

Author: Griswold Home Care

Have you noticed that your senior loved one is forgetting to eat? Or is their once tidy house in the Needham/Metrowest area now a bit messy? Perhaps they are feeling overwhelmed and dishes or dirty laundry are starting to pile up. If you’re noticing signs like these, it might be an indication that your senior family member might be in need of some assistance.

Hiring in-home care is never an easy topic to bring up, and it might even be met with resistance from aging parents. Your Mom or Dad might become confrontational or upset and think that assistance isn’t needed. They may see it as an invasion of their privacy, or threatening to their independence. If your senior loved one has similar concerns, Griswold Home Care can offer the following advice to help them overcome these feelings:

Help your aging loved one view in-home care as an opportunity to have more control:

Your Mom or Dad might think they will lose control over their daily life once a caregiver is on the scene. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Point out that a home caregiver is only there to help with the tasks that they may be struggling with such as the daily routines of housekeeping, hygiene and running errands. A caregiver will be on hand at scheduled times to make sure everything at home runs smoothly but won’t always be around. Live-in home care is available for elder family members who need someone to care for them 24 hours a day.

Tell your family member that help is for both of you:

Explain to your elderly loved one that you need as much help as they do for peace of mind. Tell them that bringing in-home care help will help you to worry less and could alleviate management of the household chores and medication reminders which have most likely fallen on family members. Make sure they understand that having in-home help will allow you to worry less if you have to spend time away from them.

Sign up for a short, well-defined amount of time:

Starting off with short visits from a home caregiver, or on a trial or temporary basis is a great way to start a home care plan if you are getting resistance from your parents. Perhaps your loved one has a medical procedure coming up where they can “try-out” the help. Going this route is less threatening, and if all goes well, it could lead to a long-term commitment.

Don’t be afraid to tell your aging parents that you would feel more comfortable if you found a home caregiver to make sure they stay safe and keep up with household tasks. Many people find that they were fearing the worst and are surprised that their parents are much more receptive to the idea than they thought. If you still meet some resistance, reach out to Griswold Home Care to find out more about how we can help. All of our home care plans start with an initial consultation so we can make sure each plan is personalized to meet an individual’s needs. Call us today at (781) 559-0073 to learn more about services offered by Griswold Home Care.

Date: August 16, 2022