Date: August 21, 2020

Author: Kate Benesch

Homemaking Care for Assistance with Daily Tasks

Taking care of daily tasks around the house gets tougher for many individuals as they get older. Things that used to be routine, like preparing meals or doing laundry, can take much longer to complete or get forgotten completely and severely impact the health and wellbeing of an older loved one. Homemaking Care Services from Griswold Home Care are intended to help those in need with daily chores around the house and other items like getting to appointments on time so a loved one can continue to live independently.

It’s not always apparent when an aging loved one may need help with simple chores around the house. A sign that they may be headed that way is if their house suddenly looks disheveled or unorganized, if they struggle to clean the yard, if you see trash piling up, the sink overflowing with dishes, or clutter around the house. These indications are a sure giveaway that help might be needed, especially if they have been organized in the past. Reasons for needing help could be related to health issues such as arthritis pain or the fear of falling. No matter what the reason, it may be time to consider finding support around the house for your loved one.

An important bit of information to remember is that not every senior has the same care needs, which means they don’t all need the same services.

Here are some household tasks that Homemaking Services with Griswold Home Care can help out within Needham and the surrounding area:

  • Meal Planning and Preparation: This can be as simple as preparing grocery lists and checking food expiration dates. If your aging loved ones like certain meals it can also mean recording and arranging recipes. If your senior likes to get out, assistance can also take the form of accompanying seniors to lunch or dinner.
  • Travel Accompaniment: Getting to appointments is essential for seniors and others with disabilities who need help around the house. Make sure they’re able to get to important doctor’s appointments safely and on time with a professional caregiver.
  • Light Housekeeping: Tasks that used to be simple such as doing the dishes or vacuuming might not be as easy for your loved one as they once were. Sometimes having help with tasks like laundry or organizing and cleaning closets can be a big help.
  • Bedroom Care: Health issues can cause seniors to require their bedding to be changed often, which makes the need for fresh linens even more critical. Caregivers at Griswold Home Care will make sure laundry is done when needed so your loved one can sleep comfortably and stay independent for longer.

Keep a Loved One Healthy and Happy with Homemaking Services

These are just some of the daily tasks that an aging loved one may benefit from. It’s important to remember that the longer a family member goes without the care they need, the worse their condition can get. As soon as you notice help is needed, it’s best to find the support your loved one needs. Caregivers at Griswold Home Care take pride in offering Homemaking Services you can count on in Needham, Framingham, and other towns in the area. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

Date: August 21, 2020