Date: May 10, 2022

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

After her cancer diagnosis, your mom starts treatments immediately. You’re supporting her as much as you can, but you can’t stop working. You can’t afford to go without an income for the next few months.

At moments like these, your mom needs a strong support team. Who should be on that team?

Her Family

Your mom needs close family by her side. Watch for depression. If she is depressed, she might withdraw from others. Don’t let that happen. Without pushing too hard, make sure people keep showing up and helping her as much as possible.

Your brother could make simple meals that she can tolerate. If she’s receiving chemo or radiation treatments, she may not feel well. Mildly flavored rice dishes are often tolerated by people undergoing cancer treatments.

Your sister could stop by and clean the house, change sheets, and do the laundry. Meanwhile, you can take your mom to all of her medical appointments and keep track of her weekly schedule.

When she needs to have a prescription refilled, someone should stop by and get it for her. She may want to go out, in which case make sure someone is available to drive her around.

Grandchildren can be immensely helpful at bringing a bright moment to your mom’s day. Her grandkids can draw with her, join her on short walks, and join her on the sofa for some movies.

Her Medical Team

Your mom’s medical team will be on her support team. Get to know them. Meet her doctors, make sure her oncology team knows how to reach you, and try to be at her critical appointments as her support person.

If you’re not authorized to discuss her medical information, ask your mom if she’d consider adding you. She may not realize that she has to sign forms to give you permission.

Her Neighbors and Friends

If possible, talk to your mom’s closest neighbors. They don’t have to help, but they should have your contact information. If they notice your mom’s activities have changed between your visits, they can alert you.

Your mom’s friends also need to be part of her support team. They’re the ones she’s more likely to confide in. After all, she won’t want to tell you things she feels may worry you.

Senior Home Care

Finally, hire senior home care to help her with things you don’t have time to complete each week. Senior home care aides can change her sheets and towels and launder them.

They can run errands, clean the house, and get your mom drinks, snacks, and meals. If your mom is having a rough day, her caregiver can call her doctor and schedule an appointment to discuss medication options that might ease some of her symptoms.

If you’ve been helping your mom for weeks without a break, hire senior care aides for breaks. Respite care services help you have time off to de-stress after a busy, emotional week. Call a senior home care agency to get started.

Date: May 10, 2022