Date: August 10, 2022

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

You’ve heard about in-home care, but you’re not sure how it works. Start by taking a closer look at the services and how they help aging adults who want to remain in their homes.

In-Home Care Helps With Light Housekeeping

Your mom can dust, but her vacuum is a bit bulky and awkward. She’s having a hard time moving it around the home. She trips on the cable or struggles to vacuum the stairs. Hire caregivers to clean her floors.

Caregivers can also make her bed, change the sheets, hang fresh towels, and do all of the laundry, too. When the wash is done, her in-home care aides can put it into the dryer and fold it once it’s dry. They can put it away where it goes and iron anything that your mom wants to have ironed.

Washing dishes, wiping down the stovetop and counters, and sterilizing faucets and faucet hands are also housekeeping tasks that caregivers can do for her.

Caregivers Plan Weekly Menus, Cook Meals, and Prepare Snacks

Your mom likes to have home-cooked meals, but she can’t cook on her own anymore. She has a hard time lifting heavy pots and pans, cutting meats and vegetables, and mincing garlic and onions. Hire caregivers to prepare meals for her. If she wants to help out, her caregiver can help her prep ingredients and do the heavy lifting.

Her caregiver is there to dine with her if she doesn’t want to eat alone. Your mom’s caregiver can wash the dishes and put leftovers away after.

In-Home Care Provides Companionship

Caregivers offer companionship services. Your mom doesn’t have to be alone. She can go shopping with her caregiver or enjoy outings to local parks, museums, and community events. She’s able to stay social while enjoying the freedom to leave her home with confidence.

Caregivers Help With Grooming and Hygiene

You can hire caregivers to help your mom with showers, dressing, and oral care. Your mom’s caregivers are there to assist her as she chooses clothing that matches the weather. She has a caregiver to button buttons, zip zippers, and snap snaps.

In-Home Care Provides Transportation

Your mom isn’t supposed to drive anymore, but that doesn’t mean she has to stay in her house. Her caregiver can drive her to stores, medical offices, and businesses. If she wants to go on a scenic mountain drive, her caregiver can take her.

Caregivers Help With Scheduling and Organization

Your mom struggles to make appointments for herself. She can have caregivers help her schedule appointments, organize her schedule, and make sure you’re aware of upcoming meetings or check-ups. Your mom’s social schedule is well managed with her caregiver’s help.

When you know your mom needs help around the home, don’t put off arranging in-home care services. Call a specialist with your mom’s questions, ask any questions you have, and book in-home care that matches her needs.

Date: August 10, 2022