Date: March 6, 2020

Author: Kathleen Boziwick


The doctor says your mom has a chronic health condition. It’s normal to be scared. She’s going to be scared, too. What is important to remember is that she can thrive with a little help. Elderly care services can make it easy for her to age at home after a chronic health condition is diagnosed.

The Five Most Common Chronic Conditions

Any chronic condition is going to require a level of change. It’s often a blend of diet, exercise, and prescription medications. The actual care plan she’ll need to follow comes down to the chronic condition she has. These are the five most common chronic health conditions.

High blood pressure is very common. More than half of adults 65 or older have high blood pressure. In many cases, it’s controlled through a low-sodium diet, daily exercise, and avoidance of bad habits like smoking and drinking excessively. If those steps don’t lower the readings, medications may be prescribed.

High cholesterol the second most common chronic condition. Again, diet is important. Avoiding saturated fats and excess sugar is important. Eating plenty of vegetables and whole grains is beneficial. Losing weight and exercising are also urged to help lower bad cholesterol levels. If those don’t help, medications may be necessary.

Arthritis affects more than 31 percent of the men and women over the age of 64. The joint pain and inflammation can make it hard to keep up with household chores and move around enough. NSAID pain relievers and hot and warm compresses are often recommended.

Heart disease is the fourth most prevalent chronic health condition. Often, medications are necessary. A heart-healthy diet and doctor-approved exercises are also recommended.

Finally, diabetes is becoming more and more common. Regular blood checks of the sugar levels are important. Diets that avoid too much sugar, weight loss, and exercise are also recommended. If that doesn’t control sugar levels, insulin or prescription medications may become necessary.

How Does Elderly Care Help?

As many chronic conditions require exercise, dietary changes, and medications, caregivers become one of the best ways to help out. The elderly care aides can remind your mom when it’s time to check her blood sugar levels or take the next pill. They can help her plan a menu, shop for groceries, and cook meals that meet her new dietary restrictions.

If your mom needs to get daily exercise, she doesn’t have to do it alone. She can have a caregiver join her on walks, drive her to the gym, or supervise her workout routines. She’ll feel a little more confident knowing an elderly care aide is there for her if something happens.


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Date: March 6, 2020