Date: February 23, 2021

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

Frailty can sneak up on your senior and on you. This is especially true if you don’t live near your senior and suddenly realize that she’s lost mobility, muscle tone, and more. Talking with your elderly family member’s doctor about what she’s experiencing can help you to put together a comprehensive plan, and some of these steps might be part of that plan.

Look at Hiring Elder Care Providers

As a quick solution, you might want to consider hiring elder care providers now to offer help to your senior on a daily basis. They can assist your senior with mobility, help her with tasks that maybe aren’t getting handled, and ensure that she’s eating well and sleeping regularly. Elder care services can offer you immediate peace of mind as you and your senior cope with this new information.

Talk to Her Doctor about Nutritional Changes

What is your senior eating? It’s possible that she’s not been eating enough or that the choices that she’s been making aren’t the most nutritious options. That could mean that she’s been depriving herself of nutrients that she needs. The bonus of hiring elder care providers now is that they can start making meals for your senior that are nutritionally dense. Talk to your aging family member’s doctor about what foods are best for her.

Investigate Exercise Options

While you’re talking to your senior’s doctor, find out whether exercise is an option. Just because your senior is frail now, that doesn’t mean that she can’t regain some of what she’s lost. Exercising mindfully and carefully can help her to regain some of the muscle tone that she’s lost over time. She may find that it’s a lot easier than she expects it to be.

Look into Possible Home Modifications

Does your senior’s home need some modification in order to help her to be safe? Adding grab bars is an important step, for instance. This helps to ensure that if your senior loses her balance or feels weak, she’s got something sturdy that she can grab. It’s also important to make sure that lighting is sufficient and that your senior’s home is as safe for her as it can possibly be.

Sometimes your elderly family member becomes frail and there’s not anything that she can do to regain what she’s lost. In those situations, making sure that she’s as safe and as comfortable as she can be are important answers.

Date: February 23, 2021