Date: June 10, 2022

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

When do you know that the time is right to bring in extra help for your elderly family member? That answer varies from one situation to another, but it helps to have an idea what parts of your senior’s normal daily life are becoming more complicated for her. Knowing those answers helps you to find the right solutions.

She’s Recovering from Injury or Illness

Depending on the illness or injury your senior is recovering from, it might have taken a lot more out of her than either of you expect. Home care providers can do so much to make your senior’s recovery easier, from taking on household tasks so she can rest to making sure she’s eating healthy meals. All of this is vitally important in order to help your senior to recover.

She’s Having Trouble Driving

When the time comes for your senior to give up driving she may have a lot of feelings about that subject. It might even be a topic that she wants to avoid discussing with you. Safety is the big concern, however, and there may come a time when relying on home care assistance for transportation is her safest option.

She’s Having Mobility Issues

Beyond issues with driving, your aging family member may be having other types of mobility issues. Preventing a fall and ensuring that your senior is as safe as possible in her own home is incredibly important. Your senior’s doctor can help you and her to understand how her overall health affects her mobility.

Daily Tasks Are More Difficult for Her

Those daily tasks that most people don’t think about much, like household tasks and taking a shower, might be getting more difficult for your senior than you realize. Recognizing that fact and bringing in home care assistance can resolve a great many issues for your elderly family member, including helping her to rest when she needs to.

She isn’t Eating Regular Meals

Often aging adults have trouble when it comes to things like cooking for themselves. There’s a lot of energy expended in cooking, and it can feel like too much trouble when she’s on her own. Having help from elder care providers ensures that your senior is eating regularly and that those meals are full of healthy nutrients.

She Seems to Be More Isolated

Socially speaking, it can be a lot more difficult for your elderly family member to have the engagement with others that she wants to have. If you’re noticing that she’s becoming a bit more isolated or that she doesn’t seem to be as socially engaged as she used to be, home care assistance can be the answer. Caregivers offer companionship and help your senior to have more social interaction.

The types of help that your elderly family member needs can vary over time. What is making her life more complicated is going to change dramatically, likely as her health shifts. Keeping up with how your senior is feeling and what she believes she needs can also help you to plan more effectively.