Date: January 11, 2022

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

If your senior loved one is always losing their prescription glasses, they are definitely not alone. During January, which is National Eye Care Month, you and your senior loved one can take steps to make sure that your senior loved one can always find the prescription glasses they need to see well. The first thing that you should do is make sure that your senior loved one has a couple of different pairs of their prescription glasses and then you can use these tricks to make sure that one of those pairs is always easy to find:

Put Them In The Same Place Every Day

One way your senior loved one can stop losing their glasses is to put them in the same place every day. When coming in the house the first thing that most people do is hang up their keys or drop them in a basket. Your senior loved one should be doing the same thing with their glasses and putting them on the same table, dresser, or counter every day. Get a special basket just for the glasses and soon it will become a habit for your loved one to put them that spot every day. If the elder care provider that works with your senior loved one finds the glasses in a different spot they can put the glasses in the basket so that your senior loved one will find them there.

Use A Cord Keeper

Cord keepers that have fasteners on both ends and are worn like a necklace really do work when it comes to keeping track of prescription glasses. If you have a senior loved one that has dementia a cord keeper can be a big help keeping their glasses easily accessible and keeping them close so that your senior loved one doesn’t put them down and forget where they left them.

Use A GPS Tracker

These days you can buy all kinds of tiny GPS trackers that can track things like keys, cell phones, shoes, and glasses. Attach one of the small trackers to the arm of the glasses and you will be able to find the glasses using your phone or a computer. If your senior loved one has a tendency to leave their glasses in stores or outside the house a GPS tracker can be very helpful in figuring out where the glasses were left. And they are also helpful if your senior loved one tends to lose them under cushions or put them in a pocket and forget them.

Give Them A Glow Up

Reflective tape is a smart and easy way to find your senior loved one’s glasses even in the dark. Put a thin strip of reflective tape on the arms of the glasses and the reflective tape will glow if any light hits it which will show you where the glasses are. You can also try painting a thin line of glow in the dark paint on the arm of the glasses so that they will glow in the dark.

Date: January 11, 2022