Date: September 9, 2022

Author: Kathleen Boziwick

If your senior loved one has arthritis, home care can help them live the way they want in their own home as they get older. According to the AARP more than 75% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they get older. Seniors who have arthritis may have a hard time with many of the tasks that must be done in order for them to live comfortably at home. But with home care seniors with arthritis can stay in the homes they love.
Home care can help seniors with arthritis age in place comfortably by helping seniors with:


Movement and activity is important for seniors with arthritis, but even gentle stretching exercises can be difficult. With help from a care provider seniors who have arthritis can do activities like yoga and light weight lifting that will help them keep their muscles strong while also working on retaining their mobility. Specialized home health care is also available for seniors with medical conditions like arthritis.


Cooking meals can be difficult when it’s painful to try and pick up a pan or it’s impossible to open a cupboard or drawer. And it’s not safe for seniors with arthritis to be handling a hot pan or taking a hot dish out of the microwave. Home care providers enjoy cooking healthy meals for the seniors they work with. They enjoy sharing those meals with seniors too, and providing company and companionship.


Cleaning and tidying are tasks that are usually very difficult for seniors with arthritis. Yet regular cleaning is very important in maintaining a healthy home where your senior parent can live well. Senior home care providers can do the repetitive and physical cleaning tasks that are often too much for seniors with arthritis like dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, and doing the dishes. Your senior parent will enjoy a clean and organized house without having to push themselves physically to get it.


Seniors who have arthritis usually can’t drive. But taking public transportation or even a car sharing service can be difficult for them because they may not be able to comfortably ride on public transportation or in certain kinds of vehicles. A caregiver can help your senior parent get wherever they want to go with ease so they aren’t trapped in the house. With a home care provider your senior loved one will have no trouble getting to the doctor, out to meet friends for lunch, or shopping.

Pet Care

Your senior parent may dote on their dog or cat, and pets can be wonderful companions for seniors. But seniors with arthritis could have a tough time taking the dog for a walk or opening the cat food and scooping the litter box. With home care your senior parent can enjoy spending time with their beloved pets without having to worry about being in physical pain trying to take care of them every day.