Date: November 2, 2021

Author: Griswold Home Care

As our loved ones age and slow down, it can become more and more difficult for them to do the daily tasks that were once second nature. Although it’s tempting to take over and help them out, you want to be sure you don’t do too much. Staying independent is an important part of your senior’s physical, mental, and emotional health, and is crucial for them to maintain their dignity.

As a loving family member, the best thing you can do for your seniors is to support them and let them perform as much of their daily routine as they are able – so they keep some control. It may be difficult to take a back seat, but step in where you are really needed. Home Care Services can also help if there are specific items or times of day where a helping hand is necessary.

Since 2001, the Griswold Home Care Worcester office has been serving seniors in towns like Shrewsbury, Westborough, and the surrounding area. Our caregivers understand how challenging it can be to make sure a senior loved one is staying safe while living on their own. Caregivers at Griswold Home Care take great pride in providing the most comprehensive and current home care services. We understand how checking in on a loved one regularly can bring family members peace of mind while they’re able to stay independent at home.

Griswold Home Care caregivers have many tips to help a senior loved one maintain their independence.

Find a weekly activity:

As our loved ones age, they don’t get out of the house as much as they once did. This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and boredom, which can result in depression. Finding a hobby for them to engage in is a great way to prevent isolation. Check with their community’s senior center, which often offers activities such as bingo, exercise classes, and outings. The Griswold Home Care Worcester office is active in the community and makes sure to maintain relationships with local senior centers and businesses to bring greater fulfillment to those we serve.

Manage nutritional requirements:

Getting the proper nutrition can be crucial to helping seniors to remain independent. Seniors who eat healthy meals typically have stronger immune systems, higher energy levels and have an easier time managing illness, all of which can threaten health, mobility, and independence. Griswold Home Care caregivers can help by picking up food at the grocery store, preparing meals, and getting rid of old and expired food.

Stay on top of medications:

With age usually comes increased medications. This can be confusing since older adults are often faced with managing multiple prescriptions. Caregivers can be extremely helpful by reminding seniors to take their medications at the appropriate time and ensuring seniors don’t forget to take their medications altogether.

Exercise on a regular basis:

Seniors often don’t exercise as much as they should because they think it’s unsafe. Just the opposite is true – exercise is crucial to seniors to maintain bone density and circulation. When these factors are lost, seniors are at a greater risk of experiencing more serious injuries. A caregiver can help encourage seniors to exercise, ensure they are doing the right exercises based on their capabilities, and reduce injury by providing assistance.

There are many benefits to supporting your loved one’s desire to remain independent. By adding a Griswold Home Care caregiver to help out, you’ll put less pressure on yourself to do everything. You’ll show your loved one that you support their desire to be independent, and their daily life will continue to be filled with meaning and joy.

If you’re located in Shrewsbury, Westborough or the surrounding area, the Griswold Home Care Worcester office is here to be a senior care resource. Please call us with any questions: (508) 917-6649. Our care coordinators and caregivers look forward to working with you while providing a world-class home care experience.

Date: November 2, 2021