Date: July 29, 2022

Author: Griswold Home Care


If you have an aging loved one with Parkinson’s in your family, you’ve seen firsthand the effects this disease can have on someone. Symptoms ranging from rigid movements to poor balance to tremors can make caring for a loved one at home challenging, especially since conditions worsen as Parkinson’s is a progressive disease.

Without a doubt, your loved one will need extra care and support to stay active and maintain their quality of life. This can include helping your loved one with tasks such as transportation, doctor visits, and managing medications. Since Parkinson’s is progressive, it’s likely that you’ll have to take on more responsibility. Fortunately, with Griswold Home Care, the entire caregiving burden doesn’t have to fall on you. Our highly-qualified caregivers can fill in the blanks. For starters, here’s some advice for managing the disease:

Learn as much as you can:

The more you know about the disease, the better care you’ll be able to give your loved one. Turn to organizations like the Parkinson’s Foundation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation to stay up-to-date on symptoms and treatments. You’ll be more informed about how the condition progresses and the latest treatments.

Offer as much help as possible:

Your loved one may be too proud or embarrassed to ask for help. Stepping in to help with tasks like shopping, cooking, and cleaning can be a welcome gesture, especially for someone with a movement disorder. This is where a Griswold Home Care in-home caregiver can help and give you a break by running errands, preparing meals, and other day-to-day tasks around the house.

Keep them active and get them out of the house:

Exercise is especially important for people with Parkinson’s since it can help to improve strength, balance, and memory. It also provides an opportunity for you to do something together, such as taking a yoga class. Exercising will also get your loved one out of the house, which is key in fighting isolation and loneliness. A home caregiver can help make sure an aging loved one doesn’t stay inside all day when the weather is nice and has someone to interact with.

Focus on the positive:

It’s easy to feel emotional, especially as Parkinson’s progresses. Fight feelings of depression by focusing on the positive things in your loved one’s life. Just because they have Parkinson’s doesn’t mean they can’t continue to enjoy activities such as dinner with friends or watching their favorite movie.

If, as the caregiver, you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Griswold Home Care has many qualified caregivers in the Worcester area who are just a phone call away. Reach out to us today at (508) 917-6649. We’ll be happy to tell you how we can help.

Date: July 29, 2022