Date: April 8, 2022

Author: Griswold Home Care


It’s not easy to come to the decision to hire care for your elderly loved one. There are many different factors to consider, including whether to hire an independent caregiver or to use a home care agency in the Worcester area. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and navigating your way through the plethora of information can be a daunting task.

Before you settle on a choice, it’s best to know the differences between an independent caregiver and caregiver agencies, and what the advantages are.

What is a Home Care Agency?

A home care agency, such as Griswold Home Care is a licensed business that hires caregivers and sends them into the home of your elderly loved one to provide non-medical home care.

What is an Independent Caregiver?

An independent caregiver is employed directly by the family of the elderly person. There is no agency to act as a “go between” for the care recipient and caregiver.

Pros and Cons:

Cost of Care

Home care agencies are often thought of as being more expensive than independent caregivers. But what some families neglect to consider is that there can be “hidden” costs associated with hiring an independent caregiver. If you go this route, you (not an agency) are considered to be the employer, and there are expenses associated with hiring, managing and making payments to the independent caregiver. Agencies carry insurance, and in the case of Griswold Home Care are bonded. Another benefit is when someone hires a private caregiver if that caregiver calls out there is not always continuity. With an agency, like Griswold Home Care, the time off can be managed and a replacement caregiver, if desired, can be sent in place of the caregiver.

Level of Care:

What type of care does your loved one require? Types of care can vary from help with daily chores around the house to help with eating, bathing and getting dressed. Due to liability issues, most families tend to use home care agencies, such as Griswold Home Care, if their loved one is in need of multiple services at scheduled times.

All caregivers at Griswold Home Care are employees of Griswold Home Care. Caregivers are carefully screened and routinely given continuing education modules so they can provide the most comprehensive care.

Quality of Care:

Home care agencies have licensing requirements to require a quality of care that many families have come to expect. This isn’t necessarily the case with independent caregivers which can become problematic if you aren’t happy with the service.

A big difference between the two options is how easy it is to find a new caregiver for your loved one if you aren’t happy with the care. A home care agency will allow you to request a different caregiver. This isn’t as easy if you go with an independent caregiver.

Trying to decide between an independent caregiver and a home care agency can be confusing. If you have questions, Griswold Home Care is here to help. Please give us a call at (508) 917-6649 to learn more about the Home Care Services we offer in Worcester and the surrounding area.

Date: April 8, 2022