Date: January 19, 2022

Author: Griswold Home Care


We are excited to welcome Alyssa to Griswold Home Care of Wilmington, NC, as our Care Coordinator.

Alyssa has received raving reviews from our clients as a CNA caregiver for us and is now helping us welcome and acclimate new caregivers to the Griswold team. As Care Coordinator, she serves as a liaison between caregivers and their clients, assisting with introductions and communication.

Born in Hawaii, Alyssa has lived most of her life in eastern North Carolina, moving to Wilmington to attend college. She first discovered her love for senior care here in Wilmington through a family friend.

Her clients appreciate the special connection Alyssa forms with them by getting to know them, paying attention to what’s important to them, and finding the big and small things that make them smile.

When Alyssa is not working, she enjoys walks at the beach, figure skating and playing guitar. She is the proud cat mom of two, an orange tabby named Blaze and a grey tiger named Banditt.

Favorite place to eat in Wilmington?

"Buffalo Wild Wings."

Favorite TV series?

"Grey’s Anatomy"

Unique dream?

"A unique dream of mine is to open up an animal shelter in the future."

Welcome, Alyssa!

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Date: January 19, 2022